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April 11th, 2011 | Shoots,Weddings | Subcribe to RSS

Ready to meet my 2nd brother, Tjaart…and his super wife, Naomie?

As i said in my oldest brother’s post, i know every mother think that their child is the most beautiful, but seriously, Tjaart and Naomie is SUCH an awesome couple. And you will see that in their photos as well. I was so excited to be able to do a pregnancy shoot for them. I told them about the “bikini/beach” idea and they were so awesome to play along. Naomie sourced all the red accessories.

They got married on the day i graduated from Stellenbosch Academy of design and Photography back in 2007. MG joined me at the graduation and then afterwards we left for Tjaart and Naomie’s wedding. To explain a bit about Naomie’s character: She helped ME with MY hair on HER wedding day. And she was so excited that she could not wait for their wedding service to start. She is such a sweet heart! Always ready to help where she can or to laugh straight from her tummy.

Tjaart on the orther side, is the one telling the jokes. And Naomie laughs at them every time. He changes the TV channel when there is a birth scene. He just cannot imagine that his wife has to endure any pain. When Naomie told him that she was pregnant, he was so excited and clueless all at the same time, that he just kept on giving her hugs and asking what he could do for her.

Together they build a home, where you cannot help but to feel welcome. Every hour my grandfather’s old “grandfather’s-clock” reminds you of another well-spend-hour with people you love. In a visit you can expect to:

– sing along to an golden oldy

– laugh

– pick a grinadella from tjaart’s garden

– see Naomie making some or other great dish with cream and cheese

– see the special way the 2 of them look at each other

– and being asked what you would like to drink at least 3 times

Tjaart and Naomie, i seriously look up to the 2 of you as a couple. The way you respect each other, balance work and play and how you always want the best for the other one, is giving me so much hope for the future. I love the 2 of you dearly.

ENJOY the pics!!!!!  (-:

PS: Thanks iaan for lending us your HOT Old Khaki shirt for the shoot!

PSS: Jammer tjarra dat jou post in Engels is, maar my ander maatjies moet ook verstaan hoe oulik julle is!!!

The children at Naomie’s work think Tjaart is a model. I see why!

You are BEAUTIFUL skoonsus!

The day Tjaart and Naomie met, Tjaart was actually wearing these pants:

One of my fav’s:

another fav:

ok and another one (-:

let me know what you think