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January 26th, 2013 | Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

I had no idea what I wanted to do for my birthday other than…celebrating it with close friends and family!

Somewhere last year Sylvia (from Special Events) and I were talking and she offered to help me with my birthday. Only months later I decided to go for a sit down supper party and I asked Sylvia if she would still be willing to help. Without even a bit of a doubt she said yes..and I became very excited about the idea.

I started by designing an invite that more or less summed up the theme for the evening. Since im not the perfectly organised person, Sylvia was SUCH a huge help. We sat down, talked about my ideas and she made me a to-do list. I thought I was going to drive her crazy with all my ideas, thoughts and images. But she didn’t…but rather was excited with me and asked the right questions. Withouth that to-do list I would have forgotten/not think of so many things. Pep Home, China stores, Plastics for Africa, Super Floral and hardware stores became new friends of mine and my (human) friends and family were AMAZING in helping with the preparations that had to be done prior to the actual party. I loved the process…designing, painting, cutting… It’s been too long since I’ve made creative *stuff*.

In the end everything took WAY longer than expected and i had to pull a few late nights to juggle work and play. But I can say with i big fat smile in my heart – i looooved it. I did not want the night to end. I did not want anyone to go home or put off the lights hanging from the trees. The 2 days after the party, i laid the table for at least 3 more meals before 10 0f cups came to collect it again.

I have such a long list with thank-you’s. I am going to name all of them in between the images and at the bottom of the post. I can honestly recommend these people/companies if you are organising a party or get-together!!!! The friends and fam of mine that just helped…hmmm…not sure if you are going to find another group of people as awesome as mine.

Let me share the memory-catching images my friend and fellow photographer, Maré Rootman took on the day. (dankie dankie dankie dankie dankie Rei!!!) Enjoy!





 The email invitation:










I on Decor’s awesome chair:



 Amy: always has a smile on her face and a waggling tail




Left: Borrowed Piñata.

Right: Belive it or not, a cookie (krummels kuns koekies) on the right. It was part of my decor and I had 3 different ones, that you will see through the post. Looooved them! They were 30cm wide. (:



















 Wilgenhof Estate: Flower Chairs

Flowers by: Special Events







Loved that my friends and fam could help themselves to something to drink!

You can hire theses dispensers from Special Events

(Sylvia used coloured ribbon to create a “runner” on the plain white table. It worked so well!)




 I bought the cheapest cutlery i could find and painted them. Was fun!

Plates: Lillies & Lace
















 Right: I on Decor’s chair:








Chessy cat. She loves sitting next to you on the piano chair if you play:








Right: Closup of one of the 30cm cookies. cRaZyNeSs!








Oude Bank Bakkerij bread




 Crystal Glasses: Lillies & Lace












 Coffee table: I on Decor:














 Left: Flowers and vase rentals: Special Events

Right: Dome: Lillies & Lace




Left: i bought the cheepest flower post and covered them with colourful wool (I used wood-glue)
























The wind blew over the lights for the Photo Booth but i love these few I have of my friends and fam:


&nbsp cycling schedule for use of hgh;















 Hanging lights : Special Events



 Krummels Kuns Koekie master-pieces:












…just to give you an idea of the size too. (It would make AMZING place-mats/gifts at weddings! Charlotte might just needs a year’s time to be able to do it!!!)






Special thanks to:

Sylvia from Special Events: For hours of your time, for always being enthusiastic, for helping with ideas without forcing them on me, for pulling everything together, for reminding me that “no-one els can see the image I have in my head, but that we are going to make it work in a practical yet beautiful way.” For being friendly and easy to talk to. For being so super organised. For always being on time and for being so true to your word.

Tanya my cousin (also the friendly face at Special Events shop in Stellenbosch) You helped EVERYWHERE! Making of pom-poms, cheesecake, salads, painting of cutlery, setup and keeping me sane, to name a few. Dankie dankie dankie dat jy soveel meer as net ‘n niggie is.

Tannie Annette: Behalwe vir baal-covers maak, slaaie en sous maak, reel van goed om die kos koud te hou, lysies maak en goed gaan optel en koop, het tannie die aand se logistics so smooth laat loop. Ek het nie een sekonde daaroor ge-worry nie! Tannie is ‘n raakvatter – baie baie baie baie dankie vir soveel tyd, moeite, geduld en expertise! <3

Maré Rootman Photography: For being my great friend and great photographer!!!

My aunt, tannie Ittienne: Thank you for the stitching the 10m runner so neatly!

Gideon: Music setup and songlist en nog baie van jou tyd, geduld en hulp. Die musiek het ‘n awesome vibe gegee dankie Gideon!

Magda, our landlady: For allowing me to have the party right here on the farm. Dankie Magda!!! xxx

Madeleen Beauty studio: I walked in there and got treated like a QUEEN! Thank you for the Champagne and Lindt Madsie and THANK YOU Julien for my makeup! Julle is sterre!

Nadine en Lilani: Vir al julle hulp met die pom-poms en setup! Nadine, ook vir die plaat koek op my actual verjaarsdag!

Taryn: Thanks for doing the booth setup. The wind decided it’s not possible, but thank you for your time and effort!

Christine: For sharing in the left-over Fairview cheese from The Pretty Blog shoot and lending me your photographic lights for the booth.

Anné, Johanna, Jonel, Mariette, Surene, Tannie Annette en Tanya vir die heeerlikste slaaie ens wat julle met soveel liefde gemaak het.

MG: Dankie vir die strooibale! Jys ‘n wenner boeta!

Tannie Mariaan: For the really good Ginger Beer. xxx

Alana – thank you for lending me your beautiful, colourful blankets!

My huismaats, Ili-Pietersielie en Mia-Muis: Vir hulp, vir gebede, vir aanmoediging, vir liefde en leer oor die lewe! En o ja vir help skoonmaak, rond dra en gaan haal.

All my guests: Thank you for not only being a part of my birthday celebrations, but my life. Thank you for the kind words and great wishes. It’s fun to be around you! And thank you for all the gifts!

EVERYONE that helped clean up afterwards. (HUGE BIG thanks)

To everyone that send a Facebook message, a BBM, a whatsapp, sms or phoned – l felt so loved!

and…if i forgot to say thank-you to someone…I expect you let me know so i can add you to the list.


Rentals/ Service providers:

Special Events: Planning, flowers, putting everything together and rental of: flower pots, dispensers, candle lanterns, drinking bottles. All i can say – get her to help you coordinate from just a get-together, to weddings and beyond!

Lillies & Lace: (great NEW company) Plates, crystal glasses, salt and pepper pots, domes, all the coffee station cutlery and crookery.

Krummels Kuns Koekies: Maaan oh man. Beautiful & creative x100 and then still good to eat? What a combo!?!?!?!? Im your biggest fan Charlotte!

I on Decor: Another AWESOME new company that rents out the most beautiful furniture, coffee tables, plinths – and all that with friendly service – 325 0627

Gideon from Katalyst Music Production 

10 of cups: Tables, salad bowls and urn (:

Wilgenhof Estate: Flower Chairs (Comfy and BEAUTIFUL!)

Oude Bank Bakkerij: Beautiful and tasty freshly baked bread

The Pretty Blog: for featuring my bday.



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  • no 1 fan
    February 14th, 201310:42 am

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaah die aand wat ek 3 mense se kos geëet het! Want dit was so lekker so mooi so reenboogkindfantasties! Lizellie die foto’s en partytjie is amper so helder, lief en spesiaal soos JY! <3 jou kosbare mens!!!

  • gieddie
    February 14th, 201311:11 am

    was lekker, zellie!

  • Jonel Oosthuizen
    February 14th, 201311:39 am

    Best Birthday Ever. Enjoyed it so much.

  • Liezel
    February 14th, 201311:49 am

    Dis mos nou hoe mens partytjie hou! beautiful set up Lizelle!! en daai koekies…WOW!

  • Caryn Maree
    February 14th, 201312:11 pm

    Partytjie tyd! Dis so inspireerend en my mond water sommer om ‘n partytjie te reel en te geniet! Super special en super fun! Welgedaan almal! :)

  • Michelle
    February 14th, 201312:28 pm

    awesomeness all round!!!

  • Annette
    February 14th, 20131:37 pm

    Wrastig prastig! Hoop jy hou een van die kunsstukkoeke vir volgende jaar se koek en tee.

  • Joy
    February 14th, 20133:31 pm

    What a great way to celebrate your life!

  • Juné Joubert
    February 14th, 20133:59 pm

    ahhh zella dis fabulous!!! love die kleur en diertjies en piñata!!! wowy awesome – weet jy het sommer baie blessed gevoel en eks bly!!!! jy is pragtig!!

  • Micky Bahr
    February 14th, 20138:18 pm

    Wow!!! wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!! dis stunning en super amazing! Baie geluk!!!! :o)

  • Madre Kohn
    February 14th, 20138:54 pm

    Lyk asof dit sommer ‘n baie lekker makietie was! Sommer nou inspired om moeite te doen met my 30ste ook!

  • erin ball
    February 15th, 20136:23 am

    My 30th birthday is this year. I’m swooning!!!! Happy birthday! What a beautiful celebration.

  • nikki
    February 15th, 20131:02 pm

    Dit was SO lekker en die foto’s vang die atmosfeer (en ongelooflike detail en kos) perfek vas!

  • Adene
    February 24th, 20139:53 pm

    Eyecandy! Dit was baie lekker om na te kyk :)!!

  • Mariné
    March 7th, 20133:12 am

    Stunning pics… en wat ‘n voorreg om deel te kon wees van jou party, maar meer as dit: om deel te wees van jou lewe… VOORREG VOORREG VOORREG…

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  • veerle
    March 23rd, 20131:08 am

    So glad you had a great time!

  • nastassja harvey
    March 24th, 20136:43 pm

    oooooh my hat zellie!!! sjoeweeeeeeee wat ‘n ongelooflike bday!!! :) ek is stomgeslaan! als het AMAZING gelyk, net sooo jammer ek het dit gemis! :\ maar so baie lief vir jou en dit maak my hartjie so bly om te sien jy’t ‘n amazing tyd gehad! wil jy nie my 30ste ook beplan nie? ;)