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This weekend was one of those where you know something happened in your heart, even though you do not have words for all the feelings.

When my dad committed suicide, it was not easy to see “that God makes everything work together for my good, because I love Him.” But I have to and want to trust Him. He has always proofed himself trustworthy. So this weekend, i went to the Shofar Conference. God was so present. Someone who was at the conference, came to me. She told me that she forgave her dad for something he did 13 years ago, after she read the blog post on my dad. I could not stop crying. Something great came from my dad’s death!

This morning i got a mail from another girl: “I just want to share this with you… My dad phoned me this morning. For no reason, just to hear how I am doing…” She barely had contact with her dad and then she started taking a very bold step – contacting him first. And then she received his phone call this morning. (Zelli: happy face!!!)

None of this is because I had anything to do with it. It’s God at work. He is encouraging me and showing me that He is still in control and still trust worth. Suddenly I saw, once again, how He can take one horrible situation and let good things come from it. It feels like He build a foundation for me (with all my imperfections and my brokenness) again this weekend, just from being in His presence. Awesome!!!

Something els. I was very disappointed about the fact that I couldn’t finish my holiday in south east Asia in June/July. I was looking forward to 6 weeks of traveling and spending time with friends, but I had to came back after 10 days. Well….

Clients of mine just confirmed a pregnancy shoot … in LONDON!!!! (I’ve never been there before.) …and one of my closest friends, Kira, is joining me! (Zelli: happy face again!) I am so excited and grateful. Im learning:

“to trust You.
Just to know,
You got everything under control.”
-Trust by Kristene Meuller


And as they say, a post is not a post without a few pictures. Here are some of my favorites from the Shofar Conference this weekend:













let me know what you think

  • Mindy
    October 4th, 20115:41 am

    I’ve been praying for you! So glad that God is showing you these things–he truly redeems all things! Wish I could afford to fly you to CO to take pics of my babies!

  • D
    October 4th, 20117:24 am

    *Huil snollas en trane* Weet jy dat Jesus jou lief het? Weet jy dat Hy BAIE van jou hou? Sommer net soos jy is, want jy is KOSBAAR en SPESIAAL vir Hom (en vir my! en duidelik vir baie ander ook!) mwha * hugs

  • carmen b
    October 4th, 201110:02 am

    Hi Lizelle, i’ve been an ardent fan of your work and you and i also lost my dad two months ago. Even though he was 82 and was suffering alot too the end doesn’t make it easier. Many times we as human beings don’t understand why He intervenes in one’s life, but with the divine intervention you could experience this weekend, just makes one understand so much. Keep on keeping on.

  • rebecca
    October 4th, 20112:12 pm

    He is good. Wow, what an awesome testimony, and I have no doubt it is not over. I love that He is using your scars as bridges to other people’s broken hearts. Love to you Zel x x x

  • Elricka
    October 4th, 20112:20 pm

    WOW encouraged! mens sien nooit die grooter prentjie nie, maar somehow bewys God homself oor en oor al het ons seer! Ek ken jou nie maar bid vir jou :)

  • Claudia De Nobrega
    October 4th, 20112:30 pm

    Thank you for such an inspiring post! :)

  • Maré Rootman
    October 4th, 20113:26 pm

    Verseker Zellie, ons Hemelse Pappa, Hy’s mos altyd getrou, saai jou saadjies wyd because He is certainly Worthy to be Praised! Lief jou

  • Vanessa
    October 4th, 20115:02 pm

    Meisie mens, as jy besef hoe groot en wonderlike invloed jy in menigde mense se lewens het, myne vir eens, het verander jou dierbare ma & Jean in dit & dan was daar Zellie, drome het waar geword, gebede het verhoor geword, Jesus praat …. en ek dink verseker deur jou! Jy is nou maar eenmaal net een van Sy kosbare juwele! En een van mense na wie ek die meeste opsien & respek voor het! Goed….genoeg trane vir een dag, jy het my baie hartseer vandag! Jy is geniune vrek kosbaar & special!

  • nastassja harvey
    October 4th, 20119:27 pm

    amazing… X X X X X X X X

  • Charne
    October 5th, 201110:34 am

    hallo dierbaar! dankie vir jou deel en vir jou woorde “nothing that I did, It’s Him at work”, moes daaraan herinner word net om te weet Hy sal die werk in ons klaarmaak wat Hy begin het maar belangriker, Hy wil … Liefde en jou foto’s is stunning xx

  • Heleen
    October 5th, 201111:10 am

    Wow Lizellie! My hart gaan uit na jou, alles waardeur jy gegaan het. En dankie dat jy jou hart so deel, jy is ‘n groot blessing! En dankie vir die foto’s, soo mooi vasgevang, gee my bietjie van die conference, wens ons kon ook gaan:) baie liefde*

  • #1fan
    October 6th, 201111:03 am

    jou foto’s vang die ‘iets’ vas wat mens se hart elke nou en dan ervaar het. God was verheerlik, o wat ‘n naweek!

  • liana
    October 7th, 20119:15 pm

    Lizelle! jy is my FAVOURITE fotograaf.. wow- die KLEURE en die LEWE in hierdie fotos. dankie, dankie. mwah*

  • Christo
    October 8th, 201112:43 am

    L! Dankie dat jy inobstrusive was by die conference. Nooit van jou geweet agter my keyboard nie. (Tot jy my skrik gemaak het!) Dankie dat jy net vasvang wat belangrik is! Ons waardeer jou baie!

  • Marilize
    October 9th, 201111:30 pm

    Wow lizelle, jou fotos is amazing en dit glorify Hom!

  • grethe
    October 10th, 20113:13 pm

    Hi Lizelle,

    ek sal nooit vergeet hoe ek jou ontmoet het nie. Jy wat so goedgunstelik jou sambreel met my gedeel het daardie katte en honde neersif dag! Ek kon toe al sien jy is ‘n beautiful en inspiring mens inside and out. Mag God jou styf vashou en jou elke dag herinner aan jou unieke bloudruk. Deel net hierdie quote met jou: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
    Anais Nin

    Blessings vir jou dame!

  • aneL
    October 10th, 20115:42 pm

    lizelle jy’s ‘n legend. as ek jou ooit raaksien by geleenthede is jou smile opvallend – jou joy! God is jou ROTS en mens kan dit sien!! as ek ooit emosie kan vasvang soos jy sal ek ‘n happy fotograaf wees! keep sharing your gift girl – God staan breebors en smile en dans oor jou!!x

  • Kate/MagnoliaRouge
    October 16th, 201112:32 am

    Oh my gosh Lizelle my heart goes out to you and your family. I haven’t read your blog for some time so have just read your sad news. I hope you find the strength to get through this difficult time.

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  • Liezel
    October 18th, 201112:57 pm

    Lizelle, jy inspireer mense met baie meer as jou net jou ongelooflike fotos! Hy is so sigbaar in jou!!

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  • schantel
    January 3rd, 201211:51 am

    Ai Lizelle! Al wat ek kan se is jyt ‘n awesome hart en ek weet jy gaan nog baie meer ge”bless” word as wat jy ooit sou kon dink. Jy bly my inspireer!