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March 12th, 2014 | couples,Portrait,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

No words for this one, I might just ruin the eye feast! Just a very special thanks to De Oude Bank Bakkerij for allowing us to shoot in their amazing space and to Annerie and Murray for all the laughter and effort they’ve put into the day. Enjoy!!!





  (Give this one a second to load, you will not regret it!)





















(This one also needs a second or two to load…)



let me know what you think

  • Eirene Candy
    March 12th, 20149:01 pm

    Absolutley stunning !!! Talented photographer + couple .

  • Monica Dart Photography
    March 13th, 20148:54 am

    These are so much love! Love them all! Only JUST learned to do moving shots, adds another great element to the images!!! Such a quirky couple LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  • adri
    March 13th, 20148:58 am

    Jou fotos is soos altyd pragtig.

  • Mia Smit
    March 13th, 20149:02 am

    Such flair!

    Love die energie en stout-streek wat deurkom. Great werk.

  • Carla
    March 13th, 20149:04 am

    Sooooooo gorgeous! WOW!

  • jou heel grootste fan
    March 13th, 20149:19 am

    onverbeterlik, shu!!! wat ‘n oogfees tussen julle drie id bakkery!!!

  • Ferdi Oosthuizen
    March 13th, 20149:42 am

    Awesome foto’s. Julle lyk stunning. Well done Lizelle!

  • Wilmie
    March 13th, 20149:43 am

    It is absolutely STUNNING! I have always admired your work….it also helps that you chose to spoil two of my favourite people with this amazing shoot! Well done!

    PS: Muz en Annie…….ttsssssssss….wow!

  • Murray
    March 13th, 20149:50 am

    Lizelle! Thanks so much! The photos came out beautifully! =)

  • Anina de Witt
    March 13th, 201410:18 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!! Lyk sooo moooiiii !!!!

  • Jonel Oosthuizen
    March 13th, 201410:20 am


  • tanya
    March 13th, 201410:37 am

    O my bowler hat! So entertaining shoot. Pure show biz. Great foto’s Lizelle.

  • Natascha
    March 13th, 201412:21 pm

    Love this big time!

  • Liezel
    March 13th, 201412:25 pm

    ek het sopas ‘n strikkie om my pinkie geknoop sodat ek kan onthou om daai plek te besoek as ek weer in SA is. stunning!!! beautiful couple en great fotos Lizelle!

  • Ileana Smit
    March 13th, 201412:28 pm


  • magriet
    March 13th, 20148:14 pm

    Love die dans fotos! Murray en Annerie was nog altyd reg v fun en n stukkie drama. Hulle bly van my favourite people. Sooooo mooi. En lekker om te sien hoe lief is hulle nog v mekaar

  • Annelle
    March 13th, 20149:37 pm

    Beste shoot wat ek nog ooit gesien het!!!!! Wow Zellie xxxxxxx

  • Sylvia
    March 14th, 20147:53 am

    Dis lieflik!!

  • Anne Gray
    March 14th, 20141:02 pm

    Dis oulik :)

  • hlengi
    March 17th, 20148:59 am


  • Lizl
    March 27th, 20146:29 pm

    EXCELLENT !!!!