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Social media became such a buzz word. Before i attended this 1day “social media” workshop last week, I new it was important and powerful…but I never new it was THAT powerful! In short, it is changing the way we communicate…and the way I think about my business.

After just the introduction video I already felt better informed. Do yourself a favour and go watch it HERE. With this platform to work from, i think every one at the “social media workshop” was receptive to what is to be learned around this subject. Awesome team Iaan van Niekerk and Christine (Meintjes) van Niekerk shared what they have learned through experience in their businesses. Since I’m not the person to go read up on “technical” and new computer things, it was great to cut to what is important, why it’s important and how to apply it effectively.  The workshop covered the broader idea of social media and then they discussed specifics like Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics. And what was great, the attendees  was such a diverse group, from photographers, videographers, interior designers to people from Media 24. Basically anyone with a business!

Please inform yourself around the idea of Social Media and how it can be business-dynamite. If you would like to attend/need more info on the Social Media workshop by Iaan and Christine, please contact them directly HERE.

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Iaan van Niekerk doing his thing:

Christine (Meintjes) van Niekerk

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  • Madré Kohn Creative
    January 30th, 20119:59 pm

    Dit lyk lekker – count me in next time!

  • Eugene
    January 31st, 20118:23 am

    you’ve accurately captured the essence!

  • Monica Dart
    January 31st, 20119:07 am

    wow Zelle! you covered the pix at the workshop so well (haha, no not because i’m in there!). Great workshop which i recommend to everyone,not just photographers.x

  • Charl du Preez
    January 31st, 20114:22 pm

    Great pics from an awesome event!
    The workshop inspired me to look at business in new ways.

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    January 31st, 20114:48 pm

    […] to Lizelle Lotter for the great photos and the encouraging post she has written about the […]

  • Jani B
    January 31st, 20117:29 pm

    Mmmmm was jy nie veronderstel om te luister nie??

  • lizelle
    January 31st, 201110:56 pm

    hi jani!
    Hehee, im a woman!

  • Dorelies
    January 31st, 20119:16 pm

    Great idea and would have loved to stay with you!!!! It is so important to see the business in these new ways!!! D.

  • minki
    February 1st, 20113:40 pm

    ek wou so graag kom!!! toe is dit in werkstyd :-( lyk awesome nes jy sê!