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November 7th, 2014 | Shoots,Uncategorized,Weddings | Subcribe to RSS


Kendra contacted me the first time enquiring about the designer detail of one of my bride’s dresses. I can still remember smiling as I ended off the email with “you’re not maybe still looking for a photographer?” I knew they were living in the States but i just could not resist taking the chance, since I love traveling so much. I almost fell off my chair when she replied with ” I adore your photography and would like nothing more than for you to be my photographer!” And.. that the wedding would be in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is a beautiful little town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and only about a 30min drive from where very close South African friends of mine live. (: CRAZZZZY!  I did a happy dance right there and then!

They say if you do not like the weather in Colorado, wait 5 minutes. Brent and Kendra definitely then had a true Colorado wedding. It went from sunshine, to thunder, to heavy rain and back to sunshine in what felt like only one hour.

Thank you so much for the amazing privilege to photograph your wedding Brent and Kendra! I absolutely loved all the little quirky twists and of course the way the 2 of you look at each other.  I hope you LOOOOVE revisiting the day through these images:











…Brent not too sure what to say about the boutonniere he just got given to wear…




…a laugh of relief when he finds out it’s just a little joke they pulled on him since he is not a fan of boutonnières…








 I absolutely loved their sign:








































The next minute…
















































The bridesmaids dresses were so pretty!



























































































































































































































































































































Wedding held at Chatauqua, Boulder.

2nd shooter: Chandler Kim (Thank you so much Kim!)


let me know what you think

  • Eileen
    November 7th, 201412:24 pm

    Lizelle you are unbelievably talented!! Wow – what a beautiful wedding so sensitively captured – I LOVE IT!

  • Anke
    November 7th, 201412:26 pm


  • Ilse de Klerk
    November 7th, 20142:42 pm

    Lizelle jy het jouself oortref! Well well done! Unbelievable wedding and unbelievable photos! Absolutely stunning!

  • jou heel grootste fan
    November 7th, 20147:53 pm

    Lizelle, this is definately my newest favourite and definately your newest best ever!!!
    As always, i try to remember the best one, but soon find that everyone is The Best One!
    I see different, interesting, wonderful angles that you’ve used…wow!
    I must add: the love and adoration between Brent and Kendra is just awesome – and you’ve captured that…!
    (awh, and a little doggie went to a wedding…!)

  • Elmarie
    November 10th, 20146:01 pm

    Zel! These are beautiful. The cake and flowers look so good. The bride looked amazing too. Good job capturing all the details of the day. You are amazing!