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October 29th, 2012 | Other,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

Caitlin is so much fun to be around! She is an amazing artist, the person behind Bright July Blog and can be found on Etsy . She was born in South Africa but grew up in Colorado and I met her the first time i want to Denver back in 2009. In 2011 we did an awesome road trip, together with some other friends —> Denver, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and back. It was soooo much fun!

Thank you for begin so awesome Caitlin! Hope to see you again soooooon:







































































let me know what you think

  • Emily Lewin
    October 29th, 20122:59 pm

    Lovely!! Such gorgeous photos and subject. Love both of you!

  • Elmarie b
    October 29th, 20123:13 pm

    Love this shoot. Caitlin, you are so beautiful, and the color is amazing. Uitstekende werk Zellie.

  • liana
    October 29th, 20123:43 pm

    jy raak net al beter Lizelle, stunning

  • Janine
    October 29th, 20127:25 pm

    Love dit!

  • Tarryn Paquet
    October 29th, 20128:46 pm

    Love it!

  • laura milliken
    October 30th, 20126:58 am

    caitlin, you are so photogenic! these pictures are simply beautiful. They invoke emotion and make the viewer curious about who this fun gorgeous girl is! Kudos to the photographer :)

  • Jonel Oosthuizen
    October 30th, 20128:46 am

    Love it. Caitlin, you’re so pretty…beautiful lady!!!

  • Juné Joubert
    October 31st, 20126:16 pm

    Love die kleure van hierdie shoot! pragtige meisie – sag en vrolik – LOVIT

  • Liezel
    November 2nd, 20126:13 pm

    love die kleure! :-)