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 What a privilege to photograph an engagement as it happens!!! Julian was so excited and planned this engagement to the tee. Lauren did not expect it at all!

Julian’s strategy to keep it a secret:

– not taking Lauren on a proper date in a while

–  telling her that he was first going to finish Law-school before they can get engaged.

– going on a mens-weekend the weekend before, promising to spoil her the following.

– taking her shopping for a new dress the friday evening, having her all dressed up for their “date weekend.”

– blindfolding her close to the spot, so that she will not see me or the picnic set-up.


I absolutely loved documenting all the raw emotions! Thank you Julian (and Lauren!) that I could be there to capture this amazing day. ENJOY!




























let me know what you think

  • jacquie
    June 23rd, 201410:13 pm

    Wow! Pragtig!

  • nastassja harvey
    June 23rd, 201410:52 pm

    sjoe!! amazing Zella!!

  • jou heel grootste fan
    June 23rd, 201411:16 pm

    ek is sprakeloos…
    wat ‘n huge voorreg om so ‘n shoot te kon doen…
    die foto’s is super-cool – propvol aksie en emosie en beauty…
    ek’t nou ‘n paar traantjies afgevee…voel of ek daar gaan afloer het vir hul happiest moment!
    – hulle lyk totaal onbewus van jou
    shu meisie, dis een incredible shoot…!!!

  • Caryn Maree
    June 23rd, 201411:34 pm

    So amazing! It really is a “moment” in time. Awesome to have it captured so brilliantly – pictures filled with hopes and excitement!

  • Charlene
    June 23rd, 201411:58 pm

    Wow Lizelle!!!! That Champagne shot is a killer!! The scenery is so beautiful. The happiness one can feel. Well done!

  • Kathy Moser
    June 24th, 20142:42 am

    This is my niece and we live in Minnesota!! With these pictures it made me feel we’re right there with them !! The picture are so awesome !! Thank you Kathy Moser

  • Mitchell
    June 24th, 20147:14 am

    Great Photgraphy, so much passion in the photos.

  • T. Tertia
    June 24th, 20149:48 am

    Wow Lizelle! Menige verlowingspaartjie se droom! Well done.

  • Anina de Witt
    June 24th, 20141:20 pm

    OH MY HAT !! hoendervleis sooo mooi en spesiaal !!! Wow die LIEFDE is amazing !!! Well done zellie :)

  • Alicia
    June 24th, 20144:45 pm

    wow!!! is hy regtig ‘n man?? wat dit alles uit gedink het? #amazed

  • Landy
    June 25th, 201410:37 am

    Baie pragtige fotos!Mens kan die blydskap in haar oe sien.

  • Naomie Lotter
    July 15th, 20149:01 pm

    Soos altys Zellie. Ongelooflike pragtige foto’s kyk. Jy is darem regtig so talentvol. Dis altyd so lekker om na jou fotos te kyk. Sit mens sommer in ‘n borrelende bui.