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While shooting the Kolkol Mountain Lodge cabins, my assistant and I were privileged enough to stay over for a night in one of the cabins. I’m not even sure where to start! The hospitality, the wood cabins, the stars at night, the wood fired hot tubs or just being in nature? What an experience! All I have to say…book well in advance if you are planning on going. (But I’m very confident that it will be worth your while!)

“All things unique begin with a “gutsy” idea. Sometimes these ideas come to light while sitting around a fire, enjoying a few beers and having a laugh with good friends. Who would have thought that walking through a pine tree plantation would inspire me to build my own log cabins, from felling the trees to building an actual lodge. This was my “Gutsy” idea.” -Rudi





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 I looooooove these 2 people!

Jonel and i studied together and has been friends ever since. She is a true friend: constant, wise, loyal, not scared to correct me if needed and always ready to encourage! A couple of months ago she took 2 days out of her busy life to help me organise mine! She is extremely skilful organiser so we literally reshuffled everything in my office, room and unpacked boxes. To say thank you, we organised this shoot with her husband, Ferdi. Ferdi is an arty CA. Yes it’s true! He works for media 24 as a CA and has played lead roles in musicals for Gilbert&Sullivan shows at the Artscape Cape Town. Another reason why it was so much fun shooting these 2! It was as if they stepped right out of the Gatsby era. Jonel recently launched her new website 10twelve24, after working as a graphic designer for a well known company in Cape Town for the last 5 years. So excited for her!

Dankie Nellies en Fer! Julle is na aan my hart. En WAT ‘N FEEEEES OM JULLE AF TE  NEEM! Geniet julle kiekies. xxx




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I freaked out the first time i saw these frames in Vanessa’s workshop. I wanted to fill a whole wall in my room with a collection of these. But how much i like them, just cannot be described in my limited vocabulary. So i asked Vanessa if she would mind if i photograph and blog them. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do!!!!!

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Nicole makes the most beautiful aprons!!!! I first saw one when one of my friend, Willemien, received one at her kitchen-tea. I fell in love with it! Nicole is the master behind them. When i photographed her and her husband, Attie, i asked her if i could photograph her aprons as well, since they are such masterpieces. At the time she had 3 that was done, so here they are. To see more, please head over to her blog! There are some real treasures to share.

Please contact her at +27 (0) 82 504 7043.

Her blog:

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Rudi en Karen are those kind of people that you feel like you have known them for years, even though you’ve just met them!

They already have some cabins and tents one that farm (basically in Botrivier’s mountains, just about an hours drive from Cape Town.) They  now expanded to a restaurant / events venue as well. I joined one afternoon for their opening and could not resist taking some images! Edmund (the chef of Kol-Kol) made us some great canapes.

Enjoy and maybe i see you there someday, because i certainly will go back again!!!!

(“Visi” also likes kolkol, have a look here)

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Every once in a while i find something i just love. And since I love sharing beautiful, inspiring or practical things, i decided to blog about them once in a while, under the heading “shared treasures.” Today’s shared treasure is Charlotte’s cookies: Krummels Kuns Koekies.

I just wrote a whole paragraph on the cookies and after i read it, i realized it sounded like one of those super over the top ads you get on TV. So, i deleted it, because except for that fact that I want you to know that these Krummels Kuns Koekies taste grrrreat and that i STILL freak out about them, I though I will rather leave the rest up to my better communication tool, photography.

Please feel free to contact Charlotte to order some of these beautiful cookies. Her contact detail: +27 (0) 82 494 5236 and email:

(I think this will make an EXCELLENT gift at weddings  of instance, since they can be part of the decor too!)

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