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While shooting the Kolkol Mountain Lodge cabins, my assistant and I were privileged enough to stay over for a night in one of the cabins. I’m not even sure where to start! The hospitality, the wood cabins, the stars at night, the wood fired hot tubs or just being in nature? What an experience! All I have to say…book well in advance if you are planning on going. (But I’m very confident that it will be worth your while!)

“All things unique begin with a “gutsy” idea. Sometimes these ideas come to light while sitting around a fire, enjoying a few beers and having a laugh with good friends. Who would have thought that walking through a pine tree plantation would inspire me to build my own log cabins, from felling the trees to building an actual lodge. This was my “Gutsy” idea.” -Rudi





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Sudan, 2009

I saw a post on Facebook today that Special Events‘ Shop in Stellenbosch is almost one year old! I did a shoot at their shop opening and never got to blog it. Now, a year later I blog, because…

– I love the Special Events Shop!

– i often photograph weddings that has props / rentals from them.

– because they are such awesome, easy-to-work-with people (they have been doing it for a few years already)

– they were the master planners behind my 30th bday party (see images HERE)

– i always am looking for a chance to share photos (:

– if you are looking for a helping hand at your wedding, they can be very helpful! (they do wedding planning, decor and flowers, rental etc and recently did the flowers for Karlien van Jaarsveld’s wedding)


Contact Special Events team: Website Address or go like them in their Fabeook page

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Every now and then you come across a project that make you step back and realise there is still lots and lots of HOPE left on this earth. When i learned about the Scas Biker Kids that is right here in my town of Stellenbosch, I asked if I could spend

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an afternoon with them, taking a few images. It really was an eye opener. This Scas team is really putting their lives into what they are doing and the goal they have. Since im not the best with words, i asked Jan to write a few words:

The Jonkershoek Biker Kids; project by SCAS Cycling:

SCAS Cycling is a cycling ministry based in the Jonkershoek Valley outside Stellenbosch. Our Development Cycling Programme involves life skills development through Whole Life Coaching. We have a big passion to see the youth of our nation reach their dreams and potential, since they are the next generation of leaders. We strive to create opportunities for them to grow in a personal capacity and influence the society around them in a good way. This project has contributed to great improvements in the lives of the members and we are excited to see growth in the near future.

I also asked them what they need to keep this project running. His reply:

There is a great need and we invite any willing party or individual to assist in changing young lives. The following are areas of need:

  • Five more bicycles at around R 5000/bike, bike donations are welcome, even older and cheaper ones (mtb or road).
  • Cycling equipment, spare parts, gear or kit (old or new).
  • Volunteers to ride with the group and teach skills. Riding times: Monday to Friday around 3:30pm and weekends, around Stellenbosch.
  • Volunteer and assistance with organizing of fundraisers.
  • Prayer. Please send us your email and we’ll subscribe you to our news and prayer mailing list.
  • Monthly or once off financial donations (maintenance, admin and events costs add up).


For more information contact Jan Scannell: email: Or on his cellphone: 084 208 2879.

You can also visit and “like” them on facebook.


I must admit, i have new respect for sport photographers, but enjoy these images!



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I freaked out the first time i saw these frames in Vanessa’s workshop. I wanted to fill a whole wall in my room with a collection of these. But how much i like them, just cannot be described in my limited vocabulary. So i asked Vanessa if she would mind if i photograph and blog them. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do!!!!!

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Hello everyone! It’s been a while, but I’m back after my travels and rest time, ready and excited for an awesome new season ahead! Just a few word from my traveling:

What a privilege to travel. I always feel a sense of freedom. A freedom to learn from others…and to learn about myself. I get challenged by the different ways of doing/thinking, cultures and scenery. What challenge me the most? What do i do automatically  because of where i grew up/my family/my culture and my ways of thinking?

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Social media became such a buzz word. Before i attended this 1day “social media” workshop last week, I new it was important and powerful…but I never new it was THAT powerful! In short, it is changing the way we communicate…and the way I think about my business.

After just the introduction video I already felt better informed. Do yourself a favour and go watch it HERE. With this platform to work from, i think every one at the “social media workshop” was receptive to what is to be learned around this subject. Awesome team Iaan van Niekerk and Christine (Meintjes) van Niekerk shared what they have learned through experience in their businesses. Since I’m not the person to go read up on “technical” and new computer things, it was great to cut to what is important, why it’s important and how to apply it effectively.  The workshop covered the broader idea of social media and then they discussed specifics like Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics. And what was great, the attendees  was such a diverse group, from photographers, videographers, interior designers to people from Media 24. Basically anyone with a business!

Please inform yourself around the idea of Social Media and how it can be business-dynamite. If you would like to attend/need more info on the Social Media workshop by Iaan and Christine, please contact them directly HERE.

If you would like to join my brand NEW FACEBOOK PAGE, please click HERE.

…and on Twitter, click HERE.

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Every once in a while i find something i just love. And since I love sharing beautiful, inspiring or practical things, i decided to blog about them once in a while, under the heading “shared treasures.” Today’s shared treasure is Charlotte’s cookies: Krummels Kuns Koekies.

I just wrote a whole paragraph on the cookies and after i read it, i realized it sounded like one of those super over the top ads you get on TV. So, i deleted it, because except for that fact that I want you to know that these Krummels Kuns Koekies taste grrrreat and that i STILL freak out about them, I though I will rather leave the rest up to my better communication tool, photography.

Please feel free to contact Charlotte to order some of these beautiful cookies. Her contact detail: +27 (0) 82 494 5236 and email:

(I think this will make an EXCELLENT gift at weddings  of instance, since they can be part of the decor too!)

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November 12th, 2009 | Other,Shoots,Treasures found | Subcribe to RSS

I was really impressed by the work of this super talented girl! I get so excited when I see people excelling in what they love to do. These cakes are made to perfection and definitely works of art! (Even when you see them up close!) But thats not all. During the whole shoot Annarie was 100% focussed and so well prepared.

Her website just launched! Please go have a look, its really awesome. It was designed by Charlotte Coetzee  and coded by  LevitraPlus Plus Minus, the same people that designed and coded my site!

Special thanks to Forma Photography and their awesome team that we could use their studio for this shoot!



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