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September 13th, 2011 | Family,Other,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

1 baby = adorable

2 babies = 3x as adorable!!!

Matthew and Maxine are probably the babies with the biggest smiles that i have ever met! Their laughs are extremely contagious and I can just see them in a few years, having the time of their lives with their friends and family, laughing all the way. (And doing a bit of kattekwaad of course!)

Thanks so much to Charles, Carolyn and the twins’ day-mother for all the help to make them smile and keep their attention! It was so much fun!!!!

(PS: This is actually a B&W post…just because these images work so well in B&W!)










Biggest baby laugh ever!

 …and where the laughter comes from!


 This one makes me smile!




 …these 2 must be seen in colour!




let me know what you think

  • Tanja Pollard
    September 14th, 20118:16 am

    dis die mooooooooiste foto’kies ooit! lov almal van hulle!!!!

  • Anel
    September 14th, 20119:33 am

    Cuteness overload! Love it!

  • Liezel
    September 14th, 201110:08 am

    die vreugde en gesiggies het my sommer laat lag. beautiful!!

  • Dielda
    September 14th, 201110:12 am

    LOVE IT!!!! LOL ek lag myslef van my stoel af vir hulle tandvleis-bekkies!!! SOOOO CUTE!

  • Lindy
    September 14th, 201110:16 am

    Wow- die oulikste baba foto’s wat ek in ‘n lang tyd gesien het! And those eyes! Vrek mooi! Well done Lizelle!

  • Nikki van den Heever
    September 14th, 201110:17 am

    Dink net hoe mooi gaan daai laggies wees as die monde eers vol tande is!! Baie mooi foto’s!!!

  • Kim du Toit
    September 14th, 201110:25 am

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Ouilik verby, love all the laughs and one of my faves is where boetie is lying on the bed looking at you with one eye – priceless!! Love this shoot!

  • Jani B
    September 14th, 201110:32 am

    Ai tannie daardie GUMS!!!

  • Kim
    September 14th, 201111:15 am

    Cuteness = Double-Wammy!

  • Juné Joubert
    September 14th, 201112:03 pm

    Hou erg baie van die laaste kleur ene! Wowy.. ALMAL vreeslik mooi! Well done Zel!

  • Carolyn Elliman
    September 15th, 20119:32 am

    The photos are awesome Lizelle… thank you! Cant wait to see the rest :) and cant wait to book our next photoshoot with you!

  • Jacky Ferreira
    September 15th, 201111:11 am

    Stunning photos of a beautiful family, but then I’m biased because I’m the Mom/Granny. Can’t wait to see all the other pictures.

  • nastassja harvey
    September 15th, 20111:01 pm

    aaaaaag jitte!! sooo cute! stunning zella!

  • jena goncalves
    September 15th, 20111:32 pm

    Aaawsome foto’s wow lizelle… jyt jouself weer oortref…

    caroline and charles, you and the babies look amazing xx

  • June du Toit
    September 17th, 20116:49 pm

    Oh my HAT daai tweetjies is oulik! Beautiful foto’s Lizellie!

  • Mariné
    September 19th, 20117:09 am

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah adorable!! Mal daaroor… mooiste ogies… en laggies.

  • Lorna Roberts
    September 19th, 20112:17 pm

    Absolutely stunning – revealing such happiness! Wish I could see you all in the real. Makes me miss me you all x

  • nikki
    September 19th, 201110:01 pm

    Al weer die ongelooflikste baba fotos!!! Ek vrek oor hierdie laaste foto (en al die unieke uitdrukkings)!

  • Johnél vd Westhuizen
    September 20th, 20117:36 pm

    ONGELOOOOOOOFLIKE mooi foto’s!!!

  • anton van zijl
    September 21st, 201111:39 am

    WOW die fotos is SO amazing. Die tweetjies is te pragtig.. ek raak nou sommer broeis !

  • Eugene
    September 21st, 20115:01 pm

    wow! jy’t ‘n gawe om die kleingoed sulke expressions te laat maak :)

  • marilize
    September 23rd, 20114:06 pm

    wowowow!! Hierdie is beautiful!!! Ek LOVE jou fotos!!

  • Leani
    September 26th, 20119:34 am

    Wow, stunning! die laaste een is Amazing!

  • Taryn Ward
    September 27th, 20111:05 am

    OMW! love the first one…got a timeless feel to it. xx

  • minki
    September 29th, 20119:48 am

    heng die kiddies is FLIPPEN OULIK!! Baie great foto’s Lizelle!!

  • #1fan
    October 6th, 20119:35 am

    super duper double cuteness! die manier waarop hulle afgeneem is, is rerig spesiaal.xx

  • ilse
    October 20th, 201112:36 pm

    oh gummy-bea…utiful! Zel, jy kan maar baby-foto’s ok neem, hoor! En jou ‘oog’ vir humor kom net orals uit, en dis ‘n blessing, dankie! Mens kan so mooi sien hoe kids ‘n blessing vd Here af is…

  • Sally Wellbeloved
    October 20th, 20113:00 pm


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