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May 22nd, 2012 | couples,Other,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

I met Heather about 5 years ago, when we attended the same “small group” at Shofar Christian Church. I remember this student that always laughed (even if she went through tough times) but yet was so honest and truthful. She was a joy to be around.

By now Heather is my friend. She is beautiful, wise and gives awesome advice. (And is aWeSoMely crazy.) She also became a wife and photographer! Make sure to go check out her word. Needless to say it was super fun shooting her and her husband- it’s just such an inspirations to see how they love each other.

Ek hoop julle LOVE dit om deur julle post te gaan Dirk en Heather! May you grow from strength to strength. Baie liefde xxx









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Thanks to Ida Webster for Heather’s beautiful makeup: Ida Webster


let me know what you think

  • Dirk & Heather
    May 22nd, 20129:29 pm

    Sjoe Lizelle! Ek is so opgewonde oor die fotos en ons het heeltyd met die breedste glimlag op ons gesigte gesit terwyl ons na die fotos kyk. Soveel liefde vasgevang. Jy het ons as “Dirk en Heather” ge capture. Ek wil net huil want dit is mooi en is so dankbaar dat die Here vir jou in ons lewens gesit het. Baie dankie vir die mooi fotos wat ons soos huge gaan opblaas en canvas hehehe. Baie liefde en drukkies van die Steyns. Jy is die beste!! xx

  • Marinda
    May 22nd, 20129:44 pm

    Dis pragtig Lizelle! Heather en Dirk lyk soos sulke spontane, vol lewe mense en ek dink jy het hulle perfek vasgevang in jou kiekies!!! ♥

  • Eugene
    May 22nd, 201210:09 pm

    jy neem my asem weg! totally! stunning couple, met so baie freedom

  • ella
    May 22nd, 201210:18 pm

    STUNNING! Cannot wait for you to take photos of Jason and I. Did you shoot the close ups with a 50mm lens? LOVE this shoot :-)

  • Kim du Toit
    May 22nd, 201210:39 pm

    Ai Lizelle these images are SO awesome!!! The moments from intimate and raw to fun and silly – I love them all!!!

  • riana
    May 22nd, 201211:09 pm

    Well done dame! VARS, oorspronklik…
    Love it!:-)
    Beautiful paartjie!

  • mike
    May 23rd, 20124:26 am


  • Janice Carolus
    May 23rd, 20128:45 am

    wow…what more can i say…Heather it’s nice to see u infront of the camera for a change :)… nice work Lizelle

  • Cheryl McEwan
    May 23rd, 20129:20 am

    what a fabulous shoot! Heather you look stunning and you and Dirk make such a cute crazy couple, beautiful Lizelle!

  • maryke venter
    May 23rd, 20129:24 am

    So awesome!!

  • Maré Rootman
    May 23rd, 20129:54 am

    Dis pragtig! Love dit Heather, julle is ‘n awesome paartjie!

  • Liezel
    May 23rd, 201210:38 am

    soveel joy! love dit! :)

  • Anina De Witt
    May 23rd, 201211:09 am

    Soooo Moooi – soos ALTYD !! Kannie wag om ons sin te sien nie !!!

  • Malorie
    May 23rd, 201212:46 pm


  • Lillibet
    May 23rd, 20127:52 pm

    Sjoe dis die pragtigste fotos van die 2.Heather lekker mal + spontaan ,net soos sy werklik is!! Baie baie mooi gedoen!

  • yolande
    May 24th, 20121:53 pm

    Dis AsEMROWEND!!!

  • Ronel
    May 27th, 20125:06 pm

    Pragtig Dirk en Heather, hou van die herfskleure, mooi!!!

  • nastassja harvey
    May 29th, 20124:46 pm

    sjoeweeeee! AMAZING fotos zella!! awww heather you guys are just so cute! :)