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June 26th, 2012 | News,Other,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

What a sweet day! I could not stop looking at these cakes. I photographed them from all angles and just loved the detail on them.

In between, i could not stop laughing at Maggi! She has susch a good sense of humour, its just awesome spending time with her. She did not close an eye the night before, since she had to make these beautiful cakes while she still had other orders to deliver. Well done Maggi! And thanks so much i could do the shoot, i loooooved every minute of it.

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For Edible Art Cakes’ Facebook Page, click HERE

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let me know what you think

  • Anina De Witt
    June 26th, 201212:42 pm

    Dis soooo oulik !! Haar werk is ongelooflik mooi !!

  • Tanya dos Santos
    June 26th, 201212:51 pm

    While her work is amazing, yours is just as fantastic!

  • Carla
    June 26th, 20121:21 pm

    Mooi Mooi Mooi Mooi !

  • Lisa
    June 26th, 20121:26 pm

    These are such awesome cakes! My (late) gran used to make wedding cakes for a living and I always admired her extreme dedication to this profession, especially all the late nights she spent perfecting all the details. Well done Maggi, your cakes are beautiful and elegant, and highlighted perfectly by Lizelle’s awesome work :)

    June 26th, 20122:04 pm

    Lizelle you are a genius behind the lens and such an amazing person to work with, LOVE the pics, thanks so much!!!

  • Lo-Mari
    June 26th, 20122:51 pm

    Dis gans te mooi om te eet!! Pragtige fotos!

  • sylvia
    June 26th, 20123:35 pm

    Well done julle 2!! Pragtige koeke en pragtige fotos!!!

  • Heleen
    June 26th, 20124:23 pm

    love dit Maggi & Zellie!!!!

  • Tertia & Lindi
    June 26th, 20125:08 pm

    Pragtige koeke Maggi! Lizelle, ek hou baie van jou & Maggi se foto. Lindi hou van die foto waar die koek op die “esel” staan in die veld. xxx

  • Catherine Mac
    June 26th, 20125:48 pm


  • Annette
    June 26th, 20129:27 pm

    Sal te jammer wees om hierdie koeke te sny: PRAGTIG

  • Brian
    June 26th, 201211:15 pm

    Wow. Those are simply beautiful cakes. She is one very talented person!

  • Ada Kruger
    June 28th, 20123:05 pm

    Dis STUNNING!!!!

  • Suzanne
    June 29th, 20121:11 pm

    Ongelooflik stunning!wens sy kon my troukoek gemaak het!

  • Liezel
    July 2nd, 20122:55 pm

    Jitte, ek is nou sommer lus vir koek! Daai spierwit koek is stunning!!! het baie respek vir mense wat sulke kreatiewe goed met hul hande kan doen.

  • Lize VV de Jongh
    July 16th, 20125:41 pm

    Magster, jou koeke is so awesome!!!!!!! ♥ it! Sulke mooi kiekies!!!! Liefde xxx

  • Jani B
    July 16th, 20126:02 pm


  • erzsike kieviet
    July 16th, 20127:51 pm

    Amazing!!! Ek en maggie het by de wet en naomie se troue aan die gesels geraak en sy het gese sy wil graag voltyds begin trou koeke maak… Dis amazing en sooooo ‘n’awesome storie! Lizelle, jou fotos bly tops*