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We sat in our billion star (takeaway) restaurant and I asked my mom, ‘what would we do if we were fearless?’ There are SO many backstories to this question, but more about this at a later stage!

In short, we decided to follow through with this question and do what we dreamed about that night. The clever people say (in a very rough Lizelle-translation) that when an idea is born, you move it from the “idea part” of the brain to another, and many times that is where is gets squashed after a few seconds, by logical thinking. Or fear.

Today is the turn in seasons- shortest day, longest night. Today is also a memorable day in the Lizelle-world. Six years ago, my dad passed away. One year ago I photographed one of my best friend’s surprise engagement in California. And today, my mom and I embark on a 7 week Faith Trip, the one we dreamed about that night. We actually don’t know much about this trip ourselves, except that it will be mostly in the Karoo area. We are hoping to find work as we go, make connections, photograph the people and their stories. Many times while planning this, fear wanted to overrule our dream. But what we do know, is that we are looking at our Father for learning, seeing, sharing and experiencing. His vision, his provision, His love and His plans.

This is our Go-Grow-Give-Get trip.


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