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January 19th, 2012 | Family,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

 Every family has a flavour….and i like the flavour of this one! It’s incredible how gentle and with how much respect Golo and Ina talk to their children. Since this family is from Sweden, we planned a beach shoot for them. What we did not plan was HECTIC wind. When i got there i though i would have to look for another spot very quickly, but when the family arrived, they acted like this wind was 100% normal and great conditions to do the famiy shoot in. There were also tons of fish in the bay, which was a magnet to fishermen, seabirds and loads of seals. In the end of the day, the wind really did add his flavour too. Wind + the Schmidt family  = grrrreat combo! Also, soon you will get to see the  pictures on my blog of their intimate wedding a couple of weeks after this shoot!

Enjoy Ina, Golo, Freyja and Thora and thanks for just being awesome to meet. When you come to SA again, please come visit!










Wind, fishermen, seals and seagulls!















 The way every girl should be adored:



let me know what you think

  • Ina Schramm
    January 19th, 20129:41 pm

    Lizelle….we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Honestly, we thought the wind would ruin the whole shooting. But girl, your personality is shining and you’re having such a great heart. Your presence let us forget about the stormy weather. We had so much fun with you that afternoon. I was so sad that the girls had to put on the pink wind jackets, but who would have thought that they would turn out so amazing on the pictures. :-)
    You managed to capture the different personalities of our two girls perfectly in picture 2 and 16, the older one being open and bubbling, but so sensitive, while the younger one is holding back, but before you realize it she is enchanting you and stealing your heart.
    And nr. 21, 24 and 28 will definitively be framed.
    THANK YOU, you enriched our lives. Can’t wait to get back to CT for another family shoot.

  • Monica Dart
    January 20th, 201212:46 pm

    what a gorgeous family! natural, fun and colourful images that they can treasure forever.

  • Heathyr Huss
    January 20th, 20121:25 pm

    I had the pleasure of meeting Ina and Golo and their beautiful family. They are truly amazing people with such wonderful hearts and kind personalities.

    These images are beautiful Lizelle, you captured them perfectly. I can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Lizbe Rabie
    January 20th, 20123:59 pm

    Jy moet eendag my kinders en kleinkindertjies ook so afneem!!! Elke foto spreek boekdele en jy weet regtig “how to capture the moment!”

  • eugene
    January 21st, 20129:43 am

    beautifully captured and i love the use of the light

  • Anina De Witt
    January 21st, 201212:35 pm

    Oooh Soooo MOOI !!!!!

  • terina
    January 22nd, 201212:33 pm

    shoe die fotos is STUNNING! :) beautiful soos altyd!!! ;)

  • Jaco van Loggerenberg
    January 23rd, 20121:58 pm

    WOW Lizelle,

    Thanks. These are amazing. Love the photos. So cute.

    Keep well.

  • Mariné
    January 25th, 20124:21 am

    Zellie, absolutely love love love it.. You captured the essence of this family so beautifully..

  • Marian Trowbridge
    January 27th, 20126:45 am

    It take a special photographer to deal with the wind and have such wonderful pictures!!

  • Michelle Rabbolini
    February 20th, 20129:00 am

    AMAZING Lizelle!*