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November 15th, 2011 | Family,Other,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

It is my absolute favourite thing to build a relationship with whoever I photograph. This family i did not specifically meet through our first shoot, but our friendship certainly has grown through it!

It does not matter that the children did not really feel like the shoot the specific day. This family just always make me see a glimpse of what “family” means. Mom cannot stop talking good things about dad. Dad loves spending time with his loved family members. Together the parents do their best to raise their children in a godly way, so that they too will one day choose to have a living relationship with Jesus. The dog barks and mom will never be able to clean up or pack away everything fast enough to be one ahead of everything that is happening at once. When i look at it, I can see so much love…so much chaos…and so much character being build, all at the same time. Lovit!!!! Enjoy Hugo and Theresa. I love you as a family to bits.

Here is the HISTORY of their shoots.

1st shoot: Theresa pregnant with their first child, Benjamin. (I didn’t have any form of site yet!)

2nd shoot: Benjamin as a baby. (I have an online preview for clients, but no branding or site yet.)

Click HERE to view this shoot.

3d shoot: Theresa pregnant with their second child, Katarien. (I have a site!)

Click HERE to view this shoot.

Fourth shoot: Meet Katerien! ENjoy!!!









 Don’t you LOVE the wooden train-station-set?

 My fav little nook in their house. Especially the bay windows! Believe me, they are wonderful for an afternoon nap.
















let me know what you think

  • Wesley Vorster
    November 15th, 201110:38 am

    I actually met Theresa on Friday, and I did think that I recognised her. Now I know where from! hehe!

    What a wonderful series of shoots! How special to have your family captured as they grow, and how lucky to be able to capture it.

    Gorgeous images Lizelle!

  • Lara Scott
    November 15th, 201110:38 am

    I really love this shoot! I love all the different moods and movement, the colours and the love between all of them – it really is a beautiful shoot Lizelle. Thanks for sharing!

  • estie
    November 15th, 201110:39 am

    lizelle….hierdie shoot is uitsonderlik fantasties! ek kannie in woorde omsit hoe fabulous dit is nie! As ma van twee kan ek my net inleef hierin…en jy vang dit so mooi vas. ‘n Shoot met twee woelwaters kan mos nie perfek almal-kyk-nou-vir-die-kamera-en-smile wees nie. This is life. En jy het dit perfek vasgevang en verwoord. Well done. Jy het my nou oortuig dat ek ook so ‘n shoot wil he. love love looooovvveee dit!!!!

  • Kim
    November 15th, 201110:40 am

    Dit het soos vet-pret gelyk!

  • Nadine Aucamp
    November 15th, 201110:41 am

    Ek wil NOU kinders he, net sodat jy hulle kan afneem! Baha* Pragtige foto’tjies dame, much groupie love vir jou!

  • Eugene
    November 15th, 201110:59 am

    jy’t jouself oortref! i’m inspired!

  • Leticia
    November 15th, 201111:21 am

    Wow! I love these…beautiful! :)

  • Brenda Wardall
    November 15th, 201112:03 pm

    What a stunning family – it is very special “growing up” with a family. Beautiful work Lizelle.

  • Kim du Toit
    November 15th, 201112:28 pm

    What an awesome family!! these photos make me stop and smile – I hope I can have a family like this one day – so beautiful!! You’ve captured their love for each other, their fun, their famliy-ness as if you were a fly on the wall – Incredible!! My absolute fave is the one of the 4 of them in the outside hanging chair, what a precious moment! Such a beautiful shoot Lizelle!!

  • Liezel
    November 15th, 201112:36 pm

    Ek het nie meer woorde nie. jy vang emosie vas soos ek nog nooit gesien het nie. beautiful!!!! die foto waar pa vir Katerien soen….priceless!!

  • Sonya Olivier
    November 15th, 201112:49 pm

    Oh just so fabulous!!! Love sommer net alles. Jy weet net hoe om ‘n “mood” vas te vang sodat dit net lyk of alles in jou foto’s LEWE.. no static poses.. just such realness.. lovelyness.. love it!

  • claire nicola
    November 15th, 20113:51 pm

    What I love most about your photography Lizelle, is how you can capture the joy and vibrance in the most ordinary moments. It’s like looking at pictures of real life, but with all the possible nagative removed from that moment. love, love, LOVE your work…it makes my heart happy:)

  • Vanessa de Villiers
    November 15th, 20116:35 pm

    Mooi goed laat my harkie vinnig klop, elke liewe foto van hierdie shoots laat my harkie klop! Dit is onwerklik-werlikwaar die mooiste geniune life foto’s! Woorde is nie genoeg om te beskryf hoe jou foto’s ‘n mens laat voel, dit is om van uit jou nate te spring! Raak sommer opgewonde vir die familie se part, dit is soooo real & just lovable!!!

  • Lisa
    November 15th, 201110:56 pm

    Such a beautiful family and fun photos. Your work is always such a treat :)

  • annelize
    November 15th, 201111:43 pm

    oe, is die dit mooiste familie ooit??? jou werk is ongelooflik….

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  • Lo-Mari
    November 18th, 20119:25 am

    Lizelle, hierdie fotos is so getrou en tipies hoe n gelukkige gesin moet lyk!! Love die foto van hulle 4kies saam in die hangstoel!! Hou so aan met jou wonderlike talent!

  • minki
    November 18th, 20112:29 pm

    dis ‘n flippen oulike familietjie… en baie cool foto’s wat jy van hulle gevat het Zellie!

  • Theresa
    November 18th, 20115:15 pm

    Zellie- jy is goed! Kom kuier meer by ons!Jou kamertjie is oop en die koffiemasjien is warm om ‘n koffie te stook. Mag jy ons eendag afneem as Benjamin ‘n kop langer is as sy pa, Katerien soos haar mamma al ‘lipgloss’ dra en ek en Hugo opgevrommel maar steeds lief. Dankie dat jy ons familie die mooiste kiekies gee!

  • Tiffany
    November 18th, 20115:24 pm

    Wow Lizelle, absolutely stunning!!! What a special journey with this family :) My faves are the ones of them lying down and laughing in the grass :) x

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