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November 28th, 2012 | Family,Personal,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

Chantal (as well as Glenys and Elmarie) and I know each other since primary school. We were family friends and we spend HOURS horse riding, drawing, playing with their Jack Russell-dog, finding chameleons in the garden and then of coarse fighting with our brothers. When i was 14 they moved to USA and my heart was broken! We wrote endless letters…and Chantal’s letters are the BEST. Her handwriting and words are beautiful and she writes in all directions, colours and sizes. (Chantal, i think i want a handwritten card for my birthday in January please! )

When i was in Denver for David and Emily’s wedding, the Haas family came all the way from Albuquerque (New Mexico) to Denver to visit. Jason (chantal’s husband) was so awesome, looking after the older 2 girls while we went garage-sale-shopping with the 2 babies. He also made the most amazing hoender potjie. Yes, he is American, but Chantal’s dad taught him well!

And of coarse we had to take a few pics:

(PS: Kira, we missed you!)





All originally from Caledon, South Africa: Glenys, Chantal, myself and Elmarie.












Baby Kalea:



















 Elmarie’s little boy, Jett:








Jason and Elonah:












Garage sale!!!!








Jason making potjiekos:




































 Seems like Jett likes his new friend:




























let me know what you think

  • Alicia
    November 28th, 20121:56 pm

    Die foto waar die drie sussies op die gras le is absoluut pricless!! Hulle is so cute!! Well done Lizellie!

  • Johanna
    November 28th, 20122:47 pm

    Ag hoe pragtig was dit nou om hierna te kyk! Jis, Lizelle, maar jy lyk fantasties met ‘n baba!! Ek dink ons moet vir jou ook enetjie bestel;) Darem maar mooi meisies wat hulle daar op Caledon kweek!

  • Angie
    November 28th, 20123:47 pm

    These are amazing! Loved looking at these. Miss you beautiful ladies

  • Althea
    November 28th, 20123:49 pm

    You’ve captured them so beautifully, Lizelle. I’m always blown away by your work. This is the best present ever for an Oupa and Oumie who miss them so much!! THANKS!!

  • Chantal
    November 28th, 20125:18 pm

    awwwww thanks my maater!! especially love the ones of Kalea smiling and the three girls together! your works is simply magical, just like you!! always amazing-hugs and missing you very much!!

  • Diane Smith
    November 29th, 20127:53 am

    Just beautiful Lizelle – as always. Absolutely love the one of the girls on the grass, and you four ladies together. And you are looking stunning!

  • Cheryl Strydom
    November 29th, 20128:29 am

    Lizelle these photos are simply BEAUTIFUL!! Truely, your gift is an annoining from God.

  • Loumarie van wyk
    December 2nd, 20126:08 pm

    Ai Lizelli, jy mag maar!! Baie, baie geluk met die lieflike fotos van Chantal se girls!! Ek is so bly jy geniet en ontwikkel jou talent waarmee jy so ontsettend geseend is!! Jy is n wenner, Koningsdogter!!xx

  • Liezel
    December 3rd, 20122:25 pm

    great fotos Lizelle! the girls on the grass is priceless en jy lyk pragtig!