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March 14th, 2011 | couples,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

Woweee! I love walking around with my camera and a super relaxed couple, just shooting wherever we feel like/where the light works/where I want to try something. I think we ended up using only one of the originally planned spots!

Dankie Henk en Lené! Dit was soveel pret met die 2 van julle! Blessings!!!!!

Thanks so much to the lady of Stellenbosch Verbatim Book/Coffee shop, allowing us to take some pictures inside her shop at the spur op the moment!

Verbatim Boekwinkel:

021 8872655

let me know what you think

  • Charlene Smit
    March 14th, 201111:02 pm

    Stunning pics! Absolutely love dit! Well done Lizelle!

  • jo-ann stokes
    March 14th, 201111:03 pm

    Awesome as always ……but got to love the one with the boys coming up the road with their guitars and the sun catching the hilights in their hair!!

  • Anneli Marinovich
    March 15th, 201112:16 am

    What an adorable couple & I love the ring shot – really cute :-) x

  • Anel
    March 15th, 20115:20 am

    Jy oortref jou kreatiwiteit met elke shoot! Love dit!

  • Anine
    March 15th, 20116:47 am

    Super cool fotos! (soos altyd!)

  • Jacques Lloyd
    March 15th, 20117:09 am

    Mal daaroor :)

  • Esté van Niekerk Wessels
    March 15th, 20117:27 am

    Wow Lizelle! Dis baie nice :)

  • Heathyr Huss
    March 15th, 20117:35 am

    Beautiful Lizelle – I really love your work. I love the photo that you’ve taken from above, where he is kissing her on the cheek. Really stunning.

  • Micky Bahr
    March 15th, 20118:28 am

    Die “wow-foto” is wow :-) alles is regtig pragtig…is mal hieroor!!!!

  • Angelique
    March 15th, 20119:09 am

    awesomeness xx

  • Ané
    March 15th, 20119:19 am

    Wowiee! Julle 2 is darem maar ‘n mooi couple! :) Love die foto’s en sien baie uit na jul troudag! x

  • Roegaya Greybe
    March 15th, 201112:14 pm

    El love hierdie fotos Lizelle!! Jou lig in die boekwinkel is stunning! ALOHA! Jy is awesome!

  • Heather Steyn
    March 15th, 20111:15 pm

    So mooi – die paartjie en die fotos! Ai Stellenbos se plekkies is maar spesiaal :)

  • Maggie
    March 15th, 20111:17 pm

    Wow!!! Baie baie stunning!!! :)

  • mariette
    March 15th, 20112:10 pm

    WAT ‘n hot couple!? henk en lené die foto’s is suuuuuuuuuuper stunning!!! lizelle dis sooooo pragtag en cute en mooi en romanties en ongelooflik afgeneem!

  • martine
    March 15th, 20112:22 pm

    ek love jou fotos. dis so gelukkig en sag en spontaan. jyt regtig n oog vir ietsie spesiaal!

  • Jax
    March 15th, 20113:57 pm

    WOW!!!! xx

  • nikki
    March 15th, 20118:43 pm

    Awesome shoot Zel! Mal oor al die kreatiewe keuses vir locations!!

  • Jacques
    March 16th, 20119:04 am

    Baie mooi Lizelle! Soos altyd. Geniet dit altyd baie om na jou mooi foto’s te kyk! Jy is regtig talentvol!!! Well done!!!

  • Du Wayne Denton
    March 16th, 20111:50 pm

    Love this couple shoot!

  • Vanessa de Villiers
    March 16th, 20112:57 pm

    In oortreffende trap!! Jy is ‘n legend!!

  • Sjan-Mari
    March 16th, 20116:32 pm

    Love die ring foto!!

  • libre
    March 17th, 20119:16 am

    love love love die bookshop shot.

  • Nerine
    March 21st, 20115:31 pm

    WOW nig kom no eers by my emails uit dit is baie mooi :)

  • schantel
    March 22nd, 201112:31 pm

    Ag Lizelle dis gorgeous!

  • Maré Rootman
    March 22nd, 20113:34 pm

    Sjoe, dis die sexyste boekwinkel wat ek nog gesien het :)