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June 12th, 2011 | News,Other,Travel | Subcribe to RSS

It’s 3h24 in the morning and i just wrapped up this seasons work!!! What a feeling!

It truly was an amazing season with lots of new friends…and leasons thats been learned! Thank you to each and every client and follower of my work. You make my job extra awesome!

I have about 4hours 30min to finish quite a few personal things, but….then I will be on my way to the airport to go to south east asia for a full 6 weeks! Im going to discover, grow, plan, enjoy, delve, rest, see, taste and so much more. If everything works out according to the plan, I will get to see Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore. Wow. Almost sounds unbelievable as i type it!

Thank you so much to all my friends who helped me through this very busy time. I was blown away by your selfless acts. You know who you are.

But what i am actually trying to say, is that i will be back in Aug, all rested, tanned and full of new ideas and inspirations!

Mooi bly en dan gesels ons sommer gou-gou weer!

PS: I am still deciding weather i will blog in this time, but i am sure i will be too excited not to share as least a few highlights of the trip! Keep your eyes pealed!

PSS: This is post #250!

Lots of love.

This image is from a previous “mini-airoplane trip” to Springbok. But, i will leave the stories for another day…!

let me know what you think

  • Anel
    June 12th, 20117:29 am

    Awesome! Jy verdien die tydjie weg om jou liggaam & siel te vernuwe! Jy moet veilig reis & baie fotos neem! Ons wil saam trvl so jy moet blog sodat ons die avonture saam met jou kan beleef!

  • Kate/MagnoliaRouge
    June 12th, 201111:54 pm

    That sounds like an amazing journey… totally jealous!! Have a wonderful time and travel safe!!

  • Steph
    June 13th, 201110:37 am

    Zella’tjie, geniet die rus-tydjie BAIE!! Dis so encouraging om te sien hoe jy na jouself kyk en goeie tyd afvat om te recharge, te refuel, en sommer net stil te word..Geniet al die exciting destinations!!
    PS: En pasop vir die serpies – ek hoor hulle val mens aan in allerhande beaula bright kleure daar ini Ooste!! :)
    Veilig wees xxxx

  • no 1 fan
    June 13th, 201111:58 am

    lekker jou hot chick jy geniet elke sekonde meer as menslik moontlik en weet Hy love jou meer as menslik moontlik! ons mis jou klaar, sien in aug wanneer die pret continue…

  • nastassja harvey
    June 20th, 20116:15 am

    zella, jy moet ‘n ongeloooooooflike tydjie daarso he!!!! jy verdien dit vriendin!!!! :) baie liefies vir jou! X