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November 30th, 2011 | couples,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

Iaan and Christine, how much fun is it to photograph you 2?

Thank you for loving each other and being such a brilliant team. (and sharing what you accomplish so freely!)  I cannot wait to see your finished house. Ek glo daar wag sommer baie seëninge vir julle.

Geniet die foto’s!!!



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 Make up: Alicia Buckle

Awesome Couch: Foci function Concepts

Awesome venue: Iaan and Christine “soon to be” house and offices!

Sideline project of Christine and Nicola (a MUST see): The Pretty Blog


let me know what you think

  • Dee
    November 30th, 20118:14 am

    Ai Lizelle, jy capture al die spesiale oomblike so mooi vas! Ek’s MAL oor Christine se rokkie, en hoe dit kontrasteer met die mure (en hoe stunning sy lyk)! Dan praat ek nie eens van daai couch nie – SHJOE!!!!!!!!!!! soooooooo gorgeous! btw. Iaan aint looking too shabby either ;) hehe Christine & Iaan is net die awesomste couple ooit ! (jammer vir die engels tussenin – wats awesome in afrikaans? Fantasmagories?) xoxo

  • Michelle
    November 30th, 20118:25 am

    Awesome fotos, awesome mense… Wow Lizelle, dis stunning! Christine and Ian are really the kind of couple that so many of us, as young married people look up to! I know the Lord will bless them in their new home!

  • Annemari Ruthven
    November 30th, 20118:26 am

    Foto nr 15 van Christine is stunning verby!

  • Jeanette Verster
    November 30th, 20118:42 am

    Absolutely gorgeous work! Love it!

  • Melanie Wessels
    November 30th, 20118:43 am

    Oeee maar dis SO mooi! Love veral nr 6 en die’s met die kleurkaarte! Well done Lizelle, as always :)

  • Stefan Steenkamp
    November 30th, 20118:43 am

    So so cool Lizelle – very jealous on the photos – I think Niki and Myself need to book you for a shoot like this!

  • Lisa
    November 30th, 20118:49 am

    Ahhhh, so mooi! Christine and Iaan, may you have endless happiness, love and an abundance of blessings in your new home!

  • Adene
    November 30th, 20118:54 am

    huis mooi-maak is darem so lekker! Ek weet julle gaan dit love, en ek hoop ons kan nog fotos sien van hoe dit lyk as dit klaar is *eks nuuskierig!!* Stunning fotos, love dit! xx

  • Andre van Niekerk - VividBlue Photography
    November 30th, 20119:00 am

    Awesome fotos Lizelle van n ongelooflike cool couple !!!

  • Du Wayne Denton
    November 30th, 20119:08 am

    love die shoot Lizelle!

  • Lisa
    November 30th, 20119:23 am

    Excellent Work !

  • Kim du Toit
    November 30th, 20119:42 am

    Love die shoot!! Vir twee redes: 1. Beautiful to witness love and the milestones in marriage and I adore how you captured them, 2. the house is starting to become a reality!! And itseems it will have loads of natural light pouring in – exciting times for them!! Well done Zel! Gorgeous imagery!

  • Annelize Kotze
    November 30th, 20119:45 am

    Lizelle, dit is absoluut asemrowend mooi!!! Christine en Iaan julle rock!! Alle sterkte en geluk met julle nuwe blyplek! xxx

  • anke
    November 30th, 201110:00 am

    ag sweet julle!!! colour scheme: wit wit en wit! ;) harde werk bring soveel mooi dinge! julle rock en die kiekies ook! x

  • nikki meyer
    November 30th, 201110:22 am

    Briljant, briljant!! Ongelooflike shots Zel, mal oor die sagte lig en quirky close-ups! Sjoe, die van Niekerks stoom voor die kamera – well done julle twee, kan nie wag om die klaar produk te sien nie!

  • Foci Function Concepts
    November 30th, 201110:36 am

    Stunning – Love die shoot

  • Heathyr Huss
    November 30th, 201110:50 am

    Baie mooi Lizelle!! The light is beautiful!

  • Catherine Mac
    November 30th, 201111:24 am

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! FLIP Lizelle these are awesome!!!!

  • Liezel
    November 30th, 201112:05 pm

    ek love die JOY! well done Lizelle :)

  • Mandy Christodoulou
    November 30th, 201112:06 pm

    AWESOME shoot!!! Gorgeous couple and Fantabulous photos!!

  • simone franzel
    November 30th, 201112:11 pm

    WOW! DIS SO COOL!!!! Love jou style Lizelle – dis awesimity!!! xxx

  • Lo-Mari
    November 30th, 20111:58 pm

    Adorable verby!! Gr8 fotos Lizelle!

  • Anne
    November 30th, 20112:06 pm

    What a beautiful shoot of these beautiful people! <3

  • Eva
    November 30th, 20112:17 pm

    What a beautiful set! Not only Christine and Iaan are the pure cuteness, but these photos are amazing! Well impressed!

  • Michelle
    November 30th, 20112:34 pm

    Phenomenal images Lizelle!!

    Such an incredible couple, who I know will make their house into a loving & special home, filled with their unique style & love!!

    You are all inspirational ~ thank you!! xx

  • Christene de Coning
    November 30th, 20112:36 pm

    Ongelooflik mooi, shoe! Hou van al die fotos! x

  • Celeste
    November 30th, 20112:42 pm


  • Jo-Ann Stokes
    November 30th, 20112:43 pm

    The talented Lizelle stikes again ….awesome girl!! Christine & Iaan ….dont bother painting the house …..keep it raw cement …it just works so well in photo shoots ….lol!

  • louise {bijouxbride}
    November 30th, 20113:11 pm

    Such an awesome couple, I literally can’t wait to see what you do with your new home! Love the whole shoot, what a fantastic way to honor such an exciting time in your lives! Beautiful, beautiful images

  • Anneli MArinovich
    November 30th, 20113:15 pm

    LIZELLE!!!!!! Ek lief elke foto. Jy’s so ongelooflik talentvol. You inspire me to no end! x

  • Johette Pople
    November 30th, 20113:33 pm

    Elke liewe foto is stunning!

  • Jesse
    November 30th, 20113:44 pm

    Wow. How these guys manage to build and move house whilst juggling everything else is still a wonder to me. Wonderful shoot Lizelle, such great variety, very inspiring!

  • Michelle Rabbolini
    November 30th, 20113:50 pm

    Lizelle, super super super fotos!!! Hulle lyk soooo cute & happy en jy’t als bitter goed gecapture!*

  • Maré Rootman
    November 30th, 20114:39 pm

    ag dis dierbaar! pragtig julle

  • nina brown
    November 30th, 20114:56 pm

    Beautiful! Lizelle jy is goed!

  • Mel
    November 30th, 20116:43 pm

    Wow. I’m speechless only for one reason and one reasons only Christine mientjies is wearing heels!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claudia De Nobrega
    November 30th, 20117:46 pm

    Lizelle, this is so stunning, what a great idea!!!!

  • L'Re
    November 30th, 20118:02 pm

    Dis die mooiste fotos! Well done Lizelle. Christine en Iaan maak die cuteste couple.

  • louise
    November 30th, 20118:44 pm

    ASEMROWEND lizelle. jou werk is glorious!!

  • Madeleen
    November 30th, 201110:47 pm

    Well done julle! was nou n heerlike bederfie om te kyk!


  • Louise Sefton
    November 30th, 201111:26 pm

    It doesn’t matter how many times I see Christine and Iaan in photos, they always look like they are having fun! What an amazing and successfull couple they are…

    Love the photos!..

  • Elandré
    December 1st, 20112:24 pm

    Gorgeous Lizellie!! Jy mag maar :)

  • Ashley
    December 1st, 20116:40 pm

    Fantastic it!!

  • Naomi Myburgh
    December 1st, 20117:26 pm

    Stunning verby! Die simplisiteit en pret in die foto’s slaan my asem weg!

  • adri botma
    December 3rd, 20113:54 pm

    Jy laat twee mooi mense nog mooier lyk. Stunning fotos.

  • Adri
    December 5th, 201112:34 pm

    Wow, wow, wow. Ongelooflik mooi!!!! Kan nie wag om ‘n BF te he nie :) Models, julle is awesome. Liefde uit die Karoo

  • Anina De Witt
    December 6th, 201110:39 am

    STUNNING !!!!!!

  • Alicia Buckle
    December 8th, 201110:28 pm

    ohhhhhhhhhh wowwwwwwwww!!!!! Lizelle, die fotos is stunning!!!!!!!!!
    Dit is amazing!!!!!!
    Christine jy lyk soooo mooi!!! was sooo lekkr om jou make up en hare te doen!!!!! sien uit om die res van die fotos te sien
    baie liefde

  • Kim
    December 13th, 20111:19 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous photos as always. Wow!