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March 3rd, 2011 | Shoots,Weddings | Subcribe to RSS

I love traveling. You see new places, learn new tricks, challenge your own thinking and experience new things. Now, all of the above applied to this trip.

Mariette and I flew to Johannesburg. Our bags did not arrive with us, our rented car was not ready and my debit card all of a sudden did not want to work.

But…all of this was sorted out and Mariette and I were on our way to Newcastle. We had to laugh at ourselves, feeling a little bit lost in a rented car, driving in the dark at like 80km an hour because of a huge storm with very loud thunder and potholes in the road the size I’ve never seen in the Western Cape before. And it was awesome!

21h00, when we finally reached Newcastle and met up with the bride and groom, we were dripping wet from running from the car to a cozy restaurant and we were greeted with warm-hearted hugs and huge smiles. I must admit, I did not expect this at all. Johannes and Carmin had such positive attitudes and told us how they hired 4×4 cars for the next day to take the guests to their wedding-spot, because it rained so much that a normal car will not make it on those muddy dirt roads. And the next day they would quickly go buy gum-boots for out shoot. Oh, and they are having a picnic wedding, so the weather will be just fine the next day.

Then it rained even harder that night, so much so that Johannes and Carmin could not stay over at the venue for the evening as planned.

The next day we could see the signs of the rain. The river banks were overflowing and some roads were closed. Gert from the B&B was so awesome to lend his one vehicle which was much higher than our little Kia picanto or whatever it was. (It was a car. A small one.)

It did not rain a drop during the wedding of Carmin and Johannes. And i know, even if it did, they still would have smiled and embraced the day, which will forever be called their wedding day. The rain made the waterfall come down beautifully and everything felt so fresh and new, especially being so close to nature. People were sitting around, “having a ball” of a picnic.

Thank you so much Johannes and Carmin. Not only did i have lots of fun with the two of you, but I also learned so much from you!

May your marriage, like your wedding day, be filled with the joy of the Lord and positive attitude.

Enjoy the photos! I loved taking them!!!

How absolutely beautiful it this pattern on the wall of this house??? Flowers, circles and squares, all in one!


Dress: Her mom made it!

Flowers: Friends and Fam

AWESOME friendly B&B we stayed over in Newcastle: Patterson B&B

Assistant: Mariette Loubser

let me know what you think

  • Anelle
    March 3rd, 20112:14 pm

    AMAZING! Love single thing about this wedding (and the shoot!!!).

    PS. And I almost ate the cheese platter right off the screen. Gosh, it looks delish!

  • Heather Steyn
    March 3rd, 20112:20 pm

    Lieflik! My gunstelling is waar hulle op die pers kombers le – :D

  • Liezel
    March 3rd, 20112:24 pm

    Ek het net minute terug gesit en dink ek wonder wanneer sien ek weer een van jou shoots. Hierdie troue lyk asof dit super spesiaal was!! Beautiful fotos!! :)

  • Jacki Bruniquel
    March 3rd, 20112:36 pm

    Wow … this is amazing Lizelle. Well done … fabulous. Love your work!

  • Vanessa de Villiers
    March 3rd, 20112:46 pm

    Genius pappie…GENIUS!! Sê vir jou, jy toor magic met elke foto….. ek kry hoendervleis….elke liewe foto is vrek mooi en soos Anelle sê LOVE every single thing about the wedding! Sommer net trots op jou opregtheid wat mens in jou foto’s ok sien! :)

  • Dielda
    March 3rd, 20112:51 pm

    WONDERLIK OORSPRONKLIK! en dit lyk super spesiaal! Pragtige werk Zellie!!

  • nastassja harvey
    March 3rd, 20112:53 pm

    awesome troue, awesome fotos en een super awesome adventure! baie cool zella! :) X

  • Heline Bekker
    March 3rd, 20113:08 pm

    Stunning fotos en ‘n stunning troue!!! WOW! Dit maak my hart warm, BAIE mooi x

  • Esme Engelbrecht
    March 3rd, 20113:14 pm

    Ah! Dankie tog n “real” troue en nie aangeplakte funksie wat duisende kos nie! Pragtig!!!! Wens meer ma’s wil hul dogters se rokke maak, dis immers nie dan n replika van n “Whose wedding is it anyway “nie !

  • Ria
    March 3rd, 20113:53 pm

    So mooi! :)

  • Maré Rootman
    March 3rd, 20115:17 pm

    Ek’s speechless, weereens, love die foto van haar in die venster en die paradys met die wolke was stunning!

  • izanne
    March 3rd, 20117:41 pm

    Hierdie is mooi Lizelle, so vars en lekker om te kan sien. :)

  • Wendy Bezuidenhout
    March 3rd, 201111:30 pm

    Absolutely stunning pics…

  • Heathyr Huss
    March 4th, 20117:38 am

    Those picnic baskets look yum! Beautiful as always Lizelle. You are so talented!

  • Juanette
    March 4th, 20118:32 am

    Sjoe Lizelle, hierdie is pragtige foto’s! xxx

  • Dianne
    March 4th, 201111:00 am

    Awesome Lizelle – absolutely awesome. Love the “realness” of it all. My fav is the one of them on the blanket and the one where the bride is holding the single flower.

  • Carla van Heerden
    March 4th, 201111:16 am

    Love die waterval en die bruid se rok is asemrowend!

  • Liezel
    March 4th, 201111:36 am

    Wow! Dit lyk na so fun troue. Mal oor elke liewe foto.

  • Michelle
    March 4th, 20111:16 pm

    Wow Lizelle. Don’t know if you remember me (I am a friend of Kira’s). I love your photos and your style is just so original and natural looking. I am trying to practice my photography (I am an enthusiastic amateur) and these are a great inspiration.

  • marguerite
    March 4th, 20111:28 pm

    such varied places you get to visit in our beautiful country, interesting ideas of various tastes, different characters to keep it interesting, seeing people through your lens……what an awesome talent you have to enjoy it while you create your pictures with atmosphere…..

  • Carlyn
    March 4th, 20115:21 pm

    WOW, jy is an amazing fotograaf.
    Die fotos lyk as dit ‘n bitter lekker troue was. (baie spesiaal).

    Ek is ‘n baie groot fan!

  • Annelize
    March 4th, 20117:58 pm

    Og Lizelle, jy oortref jouself elke keer! Die fotos gee my hoendervleis-so natuurlik en eerlik. Die kleure en teksture is om van te droom!!! Pragtige troue !!!!

  • Lisa
    March 4th, 20118:03 pm

    Ahhh Lizelle, I could look at your posts everyday, all day and I STILL wouldn’t get tired of them – every photo is so beautiful. These photos are magic and so is all of your work! You will always be a big inspiration to me :)

  • Lana
    March 7th, 20119:19 am

    Dit lyk na ‘n stunning troue!! Lizelle, jy het dit alweer perfek gecapture! Al die detail en kleure is pragtig!

  • rina
    March 7th, 201110:23 am

    Beautiful troue!

  • Monica Dart
    March 7th, 20111:54 pm

    absolutely one of the best shoots i’ve seen of yours!!! that shot after the eating of the watermelon (just before the dog photo) – i love it. very documentary-style shot and a bit of a surreal effect.x

  • benita
    March 10th, 20119:13 pm

    looooovvvveeee dit:)

  • Christopher Van Zyl
    March 12th, 20119:26 am

    Mooi storie, Mooier Mense, Mooiste Kiekies, Pers kombêrs en al!
    Die kleure is stunning.
    Welgedaan Lizelle.

  • Christine Meintjes
    March 15th, 20117:20 pm

    AWESOME troue! Killer fotograaf!

  • marinda
    March 16th, 20118:50 am

    Groete griet dit is verskriklik pragtig, ek ken nie die mense nie maar ek wens ek kon daar wees, so lekker lyk alles op jou fantastiese fotos! Dis onmoontlik om een uit te sonder, maar die romatikus in my forseer my om die ene te kies waar die paartjie so spring en mens net die wolke in die agtergrond sien – hulle is letterlik IN DIE WOLKE oor hul groot dag. Knap gedaan!

  • Stephané
    March 16th, 201110:02 am

    Carms, jy het awesome gelyk! Die styl van die troue is uit en uit jy! Julle lyk goed saam…
    Great foto’s!

  • Carmin
    March 17th, 201111:50 am

    Elke keer as ek ons 2 sien dan kan ek nie glo dit ONS nie!!!! Kan nie ophou kyk na daai handsome bruidegom nie, maggies!!!!
    Dankie, Lizelle, jys die BESTE!!!!

  • Xandri
    March 17th, 20116:23 pm

    Carmin en Johannes! Kyk nou net hoe beautiful is julle twee (steeds!) en die troue….. sjoe…. ek weet sommer julle gaan regtig vir altyd en altyd so gelukkig wees! hoe random dat ons net na julle was huh? dankie vir die mooi woorde Carmin, dit was die beste dag van my lewe!

  • Anneke
    March 24th, 201112:58 am

    Wow stunning verby! Pragtigste foto’s! Jy is so talentvol!

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