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It was such a treat photographing Jolandi, Pieter and little Nina. Jolandi and I went to the same preprimary school in Caledon and I still remember one specific day that we were hiding little “treasures” everywhere. Our

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treasures were mostly stones and leaves, but we decided that years later we would go back and find it again. I think the memory of that fun day is the treasure now…and seeing Jolandi and Pieter with little Nina is the jackpot. She is beautiful and even though she was sooo tired during the first part of the shoot, she was still so cute and friendly!

Jolandi en Pieter, ek hoop julle geniet die foto’s baaaie en dat hulle net nog meer waarde oor die jare sal kry. Dankie dat ek julle kiekies kon neem!











I love how a child’s little face can just lit up in seconds!




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Oooo I loved this little face she pulled here!






























3minutes later…



So while Nina had her power nap, we took a few shots of just Jolandi and Pieter:







I heard these two and took a photo. Later on I zoomed in on the image and saw that the one caught a mouse!

























After Nina’s power nap she was FULL of smiles!










let me know what you think

  • Natalie
    May 17th, 201211:10 am

    Aaaah, dis soooo mooi Lizelle. Ek is mal oor al die
    fotos, veral 15 en 16.

  • Kim
    May 17th, 201211:15 am

    Dit is so mooi!

  • Jolandi
    May 17th, 201211:23 am

    Dis pragtig Lizelle! Nogmaals vreeslik baie dankie vir die heerlike oggend saam met jou. Die kiekies is baie spesiaal. xxx

  • Liezel
    May 17th, 201211:45 am

    beautiful! 13 is priceless! sy het die cuteste ou bekkie :-)

  • Darren
    May 17th, 201212:17 pm

    3 Minutes Later ;)
    Gotta love it.

  • Janine
    May 17th, 201212:53 pm

    OPVREETBAAR! so mooi couple en baba. Stunning Lizelle-soos altyd!

  • Kat de Sarigny
    May 17th, 20121:18 pm

    Beautiful as always!!

  • sarah-marie
    May 17th, 20122:27 pm

    Mooiste klein dingetjie!

  • Catherine Mac
    May 17th, 20125:35 pm


  • mikeandfrida
    May 18th, 20121:47 am

    So cute!

  • Annelize
    May 18th, 20129:21 pm

    Jy is awesome. Die mooiste fotos!!!!

  • Joy
    May 22nd, 201212:02 pm

    Little Nina is really a cutie! How serious her face in pic 5!