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Every now and then you come across a project that make you step back and realise there is still lots and lots of HOPE left on this earth. When i learned about the Scas Biker Kids that is right here in my town of Stellenbosch, I asked if I could spend

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an afternoon with them, taking a few images. It really was an eye opener. This Scas team is really putting their lives into what they are doing and the goal they have. Since im not the best with words, i asked Jan to write a few words:

The Jonkershoek Biker Kids; project by SCAS Cycling:

SCAS Cycling is a cycling ministry based in the Jonkershoek Valley outside Stellenbosch. Our Development Cycling Programme involves life skills development through Whole Life Coaching. We have a big passion to see the youth of our nation reach their dreams and potential, since they are the next generation of leaders. We strive to create opportunities for them to grow in a personal capacity and influence the society around them in a good way. This project has contributed to great improvements in the lives of the members and we are excited to see growth in the near future.

I also asked them what they need to keep this project running. His reply:

There is a great need and we invite any willing party or individual to assist in changing young lives. The following are areas of need:

  • Five more bicycles at around R 5000/bike, bike donations are welcome, even older and cheaper ones (mtb or road).
  • Cycling equipment, spare parts, gear or kit (old or new).
  • Volunteers to ride with the group and teach skills. Riding times: Monday to Friday around 3:30pm and weekends, around Stellenbosch.
  • Volunteer and assistance with organizing of fundraisers.
  • Prayer. Please send us your email and we’ll subscribe you to our news and prayer mailing list.
  • Monthly or once off financial donations (maintenance, admin and events costs add up).


For more information contact Jan Scannell: email: Or on his cellphone: 084 208 2879.

You can also visit and “like” them on facebook.


I must admit, i have new respect for sport photographers, but enjoy these images!















I was pushing my limits here!























Hehee! This little one was very brave, doing a big jump on his bike for me:















let me know what you think

  • Marinda
    May 30th, 201211:04 am

    Ai Zellie dis pragtig, jy het regtig `n hart van goud en dat jy jou talente so gebruik om ander te ‘dien’ is pragtig! ♥

  • Bruce
    May 30th, 201211:15 am

    Beautiful shots Lizelle! Sounds just like what are doing in Stellenbosch.
    They’re another awesome bike related NGO.

  • Jacomien
    May 30th, 201211:23 am

    Wow, Lizelle! Baie dankie! Dit is awesome fotos! Baie mooi foto van Jan-my-man! Beautiful! Ag die kinders is pragtig!!!! Dankie Lizelle!

  • Sarah
    May 30th, 201211:28 am

    Great pics once again!

  • Liani
    May 30th, 201211:36 am

    Baie oulik girl, Mooi gedoen

  • miena
    May 30th, 201211:42 am

    Hi Zellie
    Jou foto’s is pragtig! soos altyd – Ek wil net weet hoe het jy dit afgeneem? Het jy ook fietsgery saam met hulle? Of was jy agterop n motorbike of iets…

  • lizelle
    May 30th, 20122:07 pm

    hallo mienatjie! Ekt agter in my kia gesit! Hehee, was fun!

  • Liezel
    May 30th, 201212:44 pm

    great shots Lizelle! jonkershoek is so ‘n magical plek!

  • Alitha
    May 30th, 201212:46 pm

    Woow Lizelle dis sulke amazing fotos en net so ‘n amazing ministry. Love it.

  • Annemie
    May 30th, 20123:21 pm

    Sjoe Lizelle dis pragtig, met party van die fotos voel dit of mens saam julle beweeg! Stunning!

  • annelize
    May 30th, 20123:21 pm

    sjoe! dis mooi!!!!!

  • Adéle
    May 30th, 20127:34 pm

    Ek love dit!!!!!

  • Catherine Mac
    May 31st, 20124:16 pm

    Some AWESOME shots Lizelle!!

  • Lee-Ann Vigus
    June 1st, 20121:38 pm

    Very kwl!

  • nastassja harvey
    June 5th, 20128:42 pm

    LOVE IT!!

  • Retha Brelage
    June 6th, 201210:28 am

    Dis pragtige foties….. stunning verby!!!