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There was NO holding back at Kobus and Yolanda’s trash the dress session, which was on their second wedding anniversary. They were full of ideas…and feathers…and hundreds and thousands…and paint…and water…and even a bit of flames!!!

(See their wedding photos HERE.)

Dankie dat julle sooooo braaf en soveel fun is! Baie geluk met die 2 jaar, mag julle liefde vir mekaar en God net nog meer groei in die volgende jare. Geniet julle foto’s!

Hair and make-up: The exquisite Look

Yes they were “clean” when we started!












Beautiful Yolanda.  (Who still fits into her wedding dress perfectly!)











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 Looooove this one! (:



























Must admit – this one was hard for me to take:









let me know what you think

  • Tanya Jacobs
    March 26th, 20139:42 pm

    Totally awesome Lizelle! These photos absolutely rock!

  • Darren
    March 26th, 20139:43 pm

    Ridiculously cool!

  • mariette{walt}
    March 26th, 20139:45 pm

    CRAZY MAL oor jou fotos!

  • Nadine Aucamp
    March 26th, 20139:49 pm

    Hoe awesome is dit nie?? MAL COOL.

  • PETA
    March 26th, 20139:51 pm

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!! Well done Lizelle!!! Love them all!

  • Heleen
    March 26th, 20139:54 pm

    Love love love, verby awesome!

  • Christal
    March 26th, 201310:22 pm

    Love hierdie fotos! So n cool shoot!

  • Jané
    March 26th, 201310:50 pm

    Wow! Dit lyk net na soveel pret! Stunning foto’s en Yolanda, jy raak net mooier! Daai hundreds & thousands foto’s is stunning verby!

  • Netanya
    March 27th, 201312:06 am

    Definitely one of the best and most gorgeous TTD I’ve seen!! Absoluetly love every shot. Lizelle you are so incredibly talented wow!

  • Terina
    March 27th, 20135:43 am

    WOW WOW WOW! Dis sooooo mooi & dis die cooooolste trash the dress wat ek nog gesien het! Sulke mooi fotos!! :)

  • Du Wayne Denton
    March 27th, 20137:23 am

    Like they said: TOTALLY TRASHED! EVEN THE SHOES! Baie cool lizelle

  • Yolanda
    March 27th, 20137:35 am

    WOW WOW WOW Zellie, Dit is sulke STUNNING & CRAZY fotos. Jy en jou werk is regtig ongelooflik en weereens het jy al ons verwagtinge oortref. Dit was soveel fun om saam met jou die shoot te doen… Thanks girl… Jy kry my “vote” vir “BEST PHOTOGRAPHER” :-)

  • Maryke Du Toit
    March 27th, 20138:02 am

    Dit is so so so stom geslaan awesome – lizelle. Dit is model fotos en Yolanda en kobus – dit is onbeskryflik die vibe wat julle deur die fotos laat kom. Wow ! julle kannie spyt wees oor die fotos nie !

  • Nicola
    March 27th, 20138:08 am

    oh my word! Die coolste fotos wat ek in ‘n lang tyd gesien het!!!!!

  • nikki
    March 27th, 20138:42 am

    Dit is incredible!!! Definitief beste TTD wat ek al ooit gesien het!

  • Sylvia
    March 27th, 20138:54 am

    Awsome stuff!! Love it!!

  • Willem Foster
    March 27th, 20139:05 am

    Awesome fotos Lizelle, uniek in elke opsig!

  • Kim van Zyl
    March 27th, 20139:11 am

    WOW!!!…. Really, really love these…. Tells a great story and one just just feel how much fun everyone had.

    Great creativity and technical expertise.

  • Jenna Basson
    March 27th, 20139:16 am


  • Bea Nel
    March 27th, 20139:53 am

    LOVING IT!! Sjoe so kreatief! Well done!!

  • Cheryl McEwan
    March 27th, 201310:09 am

    Awesome Lizelle each photo is so creative and So much fun!!

  • Genevieve Dorman
    March 27th, 201310:19 am


  • Nicky Stowe
    March 27th, 201310:20 am

    Oh my word Lizelle, what an awesome shoot!!!! Love all the fun and creativity, such a beautiful bunch of images! X

  • Elandre
    March 27th, 201310:58 am


  • Anina De Witt
    March 27th, 201311:17 am

    Flippen AWESOME !!

  • Mario Sales
    March 27th, 201312:17 pm

    Love the originality in these shots, the ones with the 100’s and thousands on her lips are stunning and totally rock, great story telling. You have totally captured a great looking couple and what comes through in youtr images is that you all had fun. Well done.

  • Leigh Samanek
    March 27th, 20134:02 pm

    What an amazing TTD shoot.. It was so expressive. You have some really stunning shots.. love the one of the burning shoes.. although it breaks my heart.. as well as the wheelbarrow ones.. and the ones with painted hands.. Keep being an inspiration..

  • Mariné
    March 28th, 20136:38 am

    absolutely amazing!!!

  • nonnie
    March 28th, 20138:39 am

    Yol en Kobus!!! Ek het met elke foto ge’ooohhh’ en ge’aaahhh’ soos n klein dogtertjie!!! Dit is so pragtig,kreatief,wow, dis net sooo mooi!! Ek kan nie n favourite kies nie!
    Luv ya!

  • Shelley
    March 28th, 20131:33 pm

    These are amazing!!!!!!!! :)

  • Cecilia - The Exquisite Look
    April 2nd, 201312:25 pm

    Die fotos het regig STUNNING uitgekom, lyk of julle klomp pret gehad het. xxx

  • #1 fan
    April 4th, 201310:45 am

    Skitterend lizellle, soos net jy kan!

  • Landi
    April 8th, 20135:04 pm

    WOW!!!! love love love die foto’s!

  • Lo-Mari
    April 12th, 20133:22 pm

    Wow awesome fotos!!!

  • shanmari
    April 13th, 201311:40 am

    regtig baie mooi, en goed gedoen! lovvee dit!!!

  • Chantelle
    August 29th, 20132:42 pm

    i love this shoot its so unique and just stunning i myself would love a shoot almost like this one

  • Lezanne Vermeulen
    September 22nd, 20162:33 pm

    OMW!!!! Dit is so awesome… Love die fotos. Lyk na so baie pret. Pragtige fotos en so talentvol Lizelle….