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While shooting the Kolkol Mountain Lodge cabins, my assistant and I were privileged enough to stay over for a night in one of the cabins. I’m not even sure where to start! The hospitality, the wood cabins, the stars at night, the wood fired hot tubs or just being in nature? What an experience! All I have to say…book well in advance if you are planning on going. (But I’m very confident that it will be worth your while!)

“All things unique begin with a “gutsy” idea. Sometimes these ideas come to light while sitting around a fire, enjoying a few beers and having a laugh with good friends. Who would have thought that walking through a pine tree plantation would inspire me to build my own log cabins, from felling the trees to building an actual lodge. This was my “Gutsy” idea.” -Rudi









 The owners, Rudi, Karen with their boy, Ruan. (And Ruan’s little unborn sister!)





























































 Kolkol’s website: Kolkol Mountain Lodge


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  • Elke Dunaiski
    April 2nd, 20144:07 pm

    You’re absolutely right! Let’s go!

  • Adene
    April 2nd, 20144:15 pm

    Dit lyk ongelooflik….ek wil OOK gaan!!

  • Kobus Tollig
    April 2nd, 20144:20 pm

    Zelle thank you for sharing this amazing place with us. I had a look at their website also and the place truly looks amazing. I can’t wait to go there sometime. Well done on great work as always. Jy’s ‘n ster.

  • Susan
    April 2nd, 20145:42 pm

    sjoewee! Beautiful foties!! Baie awesome plek!

  • jou heel grootste fan!
    April 2nd, 20146:12 pm

    Oh me oh my…die mooiste pics van die mooiste plek – Lizelle,jy’t dit weer gedoen…en as hierdie foto’s nie die beste-este lokmiddel-advertensie is nie, sal niks wees nie…!

  • Nicola, Verrueckt nach Hochzeit
    April 3rd, 20148:05 am

    looks awesome! Something to dream on untill our next trip to South Afrika. Thanks for sharing!

  • Chandré
    April 4th, 20142:02 pm

    Absoluut idillies…

    Tasbare natuurskoon, stylvol, dog baie prakties met unieke eenvoud ingerig – MAL daaroor!!

  • Lieze
    April 8th, 20149:24 am

    Ons was verlede jaar daar vir ons 1 jaar wedding anniversary!!!!!was asemrowend!!!!
    En….Lizelle jou fotos doen DEFNITIEF justice aan die eksklusiewe beauty!!!!

    July 9th, 20142:07 pm

    WOW dit lyk absoluut idillies!!! Absoluut fantastiese fotos!