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November 9th, 2009 | Shoots,Trash the dress | Subcribe to RSS

How awesome and brave was Laura! But I LOVE and Buy Kamagra am very excited about the outcome of it!!!!!




let me know what you think

  • Melissa
    November 10th, 20091:20 am

    beautiful shots!

  • neels
    November 10th, 20092:59 am

    Nou maak jy my lis vir see toe gaan!Kan amper see ruik. Mooi Zellie

  • Laura Million
    November 10th, 20095:38 am

    That first pic blows me away. There’s always one photo that leaves an imprint and I think this is the one.

    Funny looking back … it doesn’t look cold at all!

  • Tania Calldo
    November 10th, 20096:50 am

    lizelle, dit lyk great, well dunnit Laura!

  • rebecca (love made visible)
    November 10th, 20098:08 am

    Oh my word that first shot is INCREDIBLE! Love these!!!

  • Du Wayne Denton
    November 10th, 20098:23 am

    The first image, girl… amazing! The lighting, the clouds and the waves helps make a really dramatic picture.

  • Liana
    November 10th, 20098:44 am

    die eerste en laaste fotos lyk incredible!

  • Kat Forsyth
    November 10th, 20098:57 am

    Gorgeous! I’m with the others on the first one – amazing! Something about the way the sea is moving loos so dramatic/ Beautiful.

  • adri
    November 10th, 200910:32 am

    O Zella. Ongelooflik mooi. Daai eerste foto, mooiste foto wat ek nog gesien het.

  • Stuart Barrett
    November 11th, 20095:55 am

    Well, they are all pretty remarkable.This cameraman is gifted. Laura, you’re stunning.

  • Christine Meintjes
    November 11th, 20098:52 am

    ON GE LOOF LIK!!! OK as die fotos nie ‘n prys wen nie weet ek nie!

  • Annerie
    November 11th, 20093:27 pm

    daar is geen woordie nie, dis ongelooflik!! Jy is rerig geseen met ‘n gift :)

    November 12th, 200910:39 am

    Great props!

  • Berna Coetzee
    November 12th, 200910:42 am


  • Valdene
    November 12th, 200911:17 am

    Wow Lizelle! Mens moet `n nuwe woordeboek begin om woorde op te dink wat jou fotos illustreer! AMAZING!!!!

  • Nina
    November 12th, 200911:18 am

    These pictures are phenomenal. Ok, what’s the name of the parfume the pics will be used for? I suggest: the new Marcussen fragrance ‘PURE LOVE’

  • Andre
    November 12th, 200911:51 am

    Love them

  • cindy
    November 12th, 20093:59 pm

    goeie genade meisie. dis ongelooflik-asem-wegslaan-verskriklik-fantasties-mooi.

    And Laura, well done for braving the cold water in that beautiful dress. But I’m sure you don’t regret it for a second.

  • Paul Mc
    November 13th, 20094:04 am

    Totally blows me away…………….. absolutely magnificent…………………….

  • Nastassja
    November 13th, 20095:14 pm

    Daar is nie woorde nie Zellie! Aflippingmazing verby!!

  • Shannon
    November 15th, 20094:25 am

    It takes my breath away. Laura you are tremendous, no one would no how cold it was and the winds you dealt with. Amazing

  • Fizan
    December 10th, 20098:16 am

    simply gorgeous!!! luv ur workz

  • Alex Hamill
    March 3rd, 20104:41 pm

    WOW Laura. I am so impressed, these are just amazing. You look like a goddess, there’s no other way to say it!

  • Gurswin
    April 3rd, 20109:56 am

    tjy mag ma, tjy mag ma. k love tjou work, dis stunning

  • Eric Uys
    May 11th, 20102:56 pm

    baie nice fotos, goeie capture en fantasy like..

  • Kim Jansen van Rensburg
    August 30th, 20108:03 pm

    photo 4 is so dreamy, it’s beautiful..

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