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March 27th, 2009 | News,Other | Subcribe to RSS


Earlier this year I went to Johannesburg (South Africa) to shoot my friend Gabriël’s, wedding.

There I got introduced to a… Lizelle Lötter!!!



Here is a photo I took of Lizelle and Gabriël, our mutual friend, at his wedding:






I must admit, that was quit a strange feeling. 

As I sat down at the reception table, there were 2 “Lizelle Lötter” seats. I was not sure which one was mine, but we sat next to each other. Soon we started to talk. She was gentle, a great listener, honest, wise and I felt like I have known her for longer. She genuinely was interested in what I was doing and where I wanted to go. At one stage I was telling her about a project I want to do when I have a bit more time for personal projects. She had a funny look in her eyes and I thought that she must think I am crazy or something. After I finished talking she told me that she is doing research in that same area that I am interested. Only then I understood what the look in there eyes meant. As we talked about the project, she gave me so much insight and advice. (which involves portraits and expressions) I was amazed. It was like God placed her there to push my thinking process a little bit further, to take the project to a next level. 

Lizelle also told me that our name mean: Woman who sees God. 

To give a summery to this experience: I would be honored if someone Buy Levitra got confused with the two of us.


I asked “other Lizelle” to write something about the work she is doing:

My naam is ook Lizelle Lötter en ek is die oorspronklike een!  Wel, ek is ouer as die ander een. 

My fokus in my lewe is anders as Lizelle Lotter die 2de, alhoewel ek dink ons harte vir God, Sy mense en Sy werk is baie dieselfde!  Ek werk meestal in die Weste van Pretoria onder kinders in trauma.  Ek het ‘n meestersgraad in Narratiewe terapie  by  UNISA ontvang in 2005. Daarna het ek begin rondspeel rondom die Emosionele intellegensie en ontwikkel ‘n produk met die naam FACE. (Gaan kyk gerus na my webblad  


FACE is a unique product that consists of 44 visualised emotions.  These emotion-faces are an excellent tool in facilitating conversation about emotions.  The product also includes a dynamic process that helps  people to “plot” their emotions and thereby get new insight into their own lives.


Huidig is ek besig met ‘n PhD by Unisa waarin ek kyk na kinders se emosionele ontwikkeling asook hulle identiteits ontwikkeling. Ek is ook besig om ‘n nuwe produk te ontwikkel wat bekend sal staan as “Labels.” My grootste uitdaging in my lewe is gesondheid!

Kontak my gerus by of  op my sel: 0836600464



Weer “fotografie Lizelle” aan die woord:

Dankie Lizelle, dit was ‘n voorreg om jou te ontmoet!

let me know what you think

  • Mindy
    April 7th, 20096:01 am

    Haha, how crazy and how cool. She sounds like a great lady! All Lizelle’s must be cool. :)

  • Isak
    November 23rd, 200910:55 am

    I’m friends with Lizelle the first, and responsible for making the “lizelle lotter” google search more advantageous for her site, which I can tell you is quite a challenge, due to the popularity of Lizelle the second’s work (well done). Ironically the link on this site helps. Hehe. Oh and I can vouch for Lizelle(1)’s merit.

  • Temmio
    December 3rd, 200912:11 am

    Dear Author !
    It is not pleasant to you?