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November 28th, 2011 | couples,Other,Shoots,Travel | Subcribe to RSS

The previous time I saw Matthew and Suraya was when they came so SA for their honeymoon in April 2010. They live in London, very close to the well known Paddington Station. Suraya is originally from Singapore. For their honeymoon shoot, we drove around in Cape Town, photographing them at different landmarks like the Bo-Kaap, Blouberg and Simonstown. (View the shoot HERE.) This time around, it was in London…with a little baby on it’s way! I stayed with Matthew and Suraya for  2 days and I don’t think anyone has every spoiled me as much. When i arrived, Suraya cooked us a traditional English meal with roast, Yorkshire-pudding and all! They also made me a hamper with snacks like Butterscotch sweets, tea from Harrods and Shortbread cookies. We went to the famous Portobello Market, Windsor, Harrods, Tower bridge and much more. We planned one “official” shoot in the most beautiful old market, Leadenhall Market. This space has been used in movie scenes and i can just see why. The rest of the time we just had fun and photographed wherever we went.

Matthew and Suraya, what a privilege to photograph you in London. Thank you so much for spoiling me, taking me to all these places that i’ve only seen on postcards and just being awesome to be around! And Suraya, as you said, hopefully we get to see each other again…when you are having a holiday in SA! I hope you enjoy these images as much as i enjoyed taking them. Lots and lots of blessings for you as a (soon to be) family.


 Paddington Bear(s):

 Portobello Market

 Hehee, junk mail is not just an “internet problem.”



 These guys looked like they knew what they were talking about:

How beautiful is Suraya?

 …and i love her crazy side too!




  i loved this poster illustration:

 Showing off the funky socks, leg warmers and the pigeon walk.







 Tower bridge:




 I was there!

Harrods. Just out of interest, i’ve seen Christiman Crackers (6) for £599.00. (±R7800)





 Big Ben:








 The university where Matthew studied, Royal Holloway.








 Leadenhall Market








let me know what you think

  • Lauren Kriedemann
    November 28th, 20118:37 am


  • rebecca
    November 28th, 20118:40 am

    Totally amazing Zelli, I LOVE these photos! Wow!

  • Jo-Ann Stokes
    November 28th, 20118:43 am

    Awesome …..makes me so want to go back again …i just love London, well as a holiday that is!!!

  • Heather Steyn
    November 28th, 20118:44 am

    Dit is so cool! So stylish ;) Mooi Lizelle!! Die baba gaan 2 super cool ouers he :)

  • JulieLim
    November 28th, 20118:45 am

    I love every. single. image! Wow!

  • Marinda
    November 28th, 20118:49 am

    Gorgeous Lizelle! Love how comfortable they are. You really had a blast over there! Love, love, LOVE these photos!

  • Eloise
    November 28th, 201110:30 am

    Lizelle!!! hiedie fotos is ONGELOOFLIK!! londen is een van my gunsteling plekke en elke een van hierdie fotos is FANTASTIES!!! jy is amazing!!!!!!! X

  • sjan-mari
    November 28th, 201110:37 am

    Stunning stunning stunning!

  • nastassja harvey
    November 28th, 201110:57 am


  • Riana
    November 28th, 201111:12 am

    Well done Lizelle! Breaking the barriers in so many ways! GReat stuff!

  • Liezel
    November 28th, 201111:40 am

    EPIC!! i say EPIC photos!!! and so awesome to see pics of the city i live in :-)) recognise so much of the places

  • Taryn Ward
    November 28th, 20112:14 pm

    PRAGTIG Zellie!! So so mooi :)

  • Maré Rootman
    November 28th, 20115:09 pm

    sjoe, die argitektuur is mooi, so ‘n romantiese gevoel

  • Suraya
    November 28th, 20115:57 pm

    Lizelle, you are our photography angel – we love all the photos and loved having you over!!

    Thank you for such a wonderful keepsake.

    I can’t stop looking at them again and again and again…. :)

  • AM
    November 28th, 20118:41 pm

    Awesome fotos – veral die B&Ws.

  • Brenda Wardall
    November 29th, 201111:49 am

    What a beautiful collection of images – just amazing!

  • Jeannine
    November 29th, 20112:16 pm

    STUNNING fotos!!

  • no 1 fan
    November 29th, 20118:04 pm

    zellie ek love dit! te veel cute en snaakse en mal shots om te mention!!! good job sjo so cool!

  • Roxy
    November 29th, 20119:48 pm

    So so special. What a glam lady and dapper hubby.

  • Anel
    November 30th, 20117:59 am

    u’ve ROCKED London with ur magic!

  • Dee
    November 30th, 20118:17 am

    Soooo verskriklik mooi! Hulle lyk soos ‘fun’ en die verskeidenheid fotos het elkeen iets uniek en pragtig aan hulle!
    En paddington bear…oh my sack!

  • Christine le Roux
    November 30th, 20118:49 am

    Wow!! Dit lyk amazing!!

  • minki
    November 30th, 201111:29 am

    sjoe, baie nice kiekies! Laat my verlang na my kuier in London….

  • Erica
    November 30th, 201110:51 pm


  • liezl
    December 1st, 201110:45 pm

    Pragtig soos altyd!!

  • Erika Stone
    December 3rd, 201111:39 am

    Great photo’s!

  • samantha maber
    December 5th, 20118:25 am

    i love this beautiful shoot. it looks like you had such fun with the couple.

  • Lee Malan
    December 7th, 20111:33 pm

    Amazing foto’s!!!!

  • Michelle Hendriks
    December 29th, 20114:48 pm

    Nee Lizelle!!! Dis crazy hoe ongelooflik talentvol jy is!!! OMW!!! Jy is amazing!!! Love love love jou werk!!!

  • Hanlie Green
    January 3rd, 20121:08 pm

    Wow Wow Wow i just love these pics, Lizelle i think i am now a true “follower” of your work…

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