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April 5th, 2011 | News,Other,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

As some of you might have seen last week on my Facebook or Twitter, my oldest brother MG, did an race called the Cape Epic. When he told met that he was going to take part in the epic a few months ago, I had NO idea what it was but could see from the look on his face that this must be something out of the ordinary. Okay, so for those of you who also do not know what this race “entails” see below:

It’s 8 days of mountain biking over 707km. (the one day is a 145km stretch!!!!!)

And this was a big deal from me…because it was a big deal for my brother. He practiced for hours and hours, even though he has a tough schedule running the family farm. I was so excited and proud of him for tackling this huge challenge and working towards a goal. I saw him the day they started, once during the race and then when he finished. I felt like one of those mommies next to the rugby field when their 7-year old plays their first rugby game. All emotional and of course my brother is the best among them all! He was just nice for letting 252 other teams crossing the finish line before them. (600 teams started)

He did excellent and i LOVED seeing him living a dream and reaching such a huge personal goal.

Sjoe eks lief vir jou MG! Jy sal maar altyd my beste oudste boeta bly…

MG and his Epic team mate, Gerhard Huiskens. Gerhard has 30 years of experience and just finished his 3rd Epic race!

The “third member” and  very good supporter, Theresa. She also has done one of the Epic races before!

Thanks soooo much for everything you did for MG and Gerhard, Theresa!!!

Let the games begin:

…and the much needed rest in between…

The dog in the back is Theresa’s, her name is Diva. Definitely the best doggy-supporter of the Epic!

And then i found Juné, my friend (and grrrreat photographer) among all the people! Her husband also did the race:

The last day my other brother (see the resemblance?), Tjaart. He did a 55km mountain biking race that morning as well. (Well done Tjarra!!!)

Here he is with his dirty face, waiting to support MG at the finish line:

Whohoooooooooooo! 8 days and 707km later.

45hours and 46min in the saddle!

I gym about 3 hours a week. It would have taken me almost 4months to finish what they did in 8 days, hehee!

Natasha (Mission Workout) and MG. She is a friend and MG’s massage master and sponsor of their shirts.

She is also my, Christine and Adri’s awesome personal trainer! (Natasha: 083 656 3770)


let me know what you think

  • Thea
    April 5th, 20114:34 pm

    Juné is my fotograaf vir my troue! Baie cool foto van julle twee :-) Die foto’s het my deel laat voel van jul journey al was ek nie daar nie en is ek niks van die mense van die foto’s nie.

  • Adri
    April 5th, 20114:35 pm

    Dis so cool. Geluk MG :)

  • Nick
    April 5th, 20117:33 pm

    Congrats to your brother!! The Epic is a mean race. He looks super-stoked to finish!

  • Juné Joubert
    April 5th, 20119:39 pm

    heeeeha! ek het dit gemaak op Lizelle Lotter se blog! ;) cool fotos hoor!! is so trots op die manne!!!

  • Tania Calldo
    April 6th, 20118:31 am

    HEROES HEROES HEROES, dis ongelooflik!

  • karen
    April 6th, 20118:50 am

    Geluk MG! Ek en Rudi is baie trots op jou. Jy moet maar weer kom ys haal in die warm dae. Lizzie – pragtige foto’s soos altyd!

  • Bruce
    April 6th, 20119:52 am

    Anyone who finishes that race is a pure machine! Flip!

  • Naomie Lötter
    April 6th, 201110:54 am

    Pragtige foto’s soos altyd Zel. Ou swaerrie jy is voorwaar ‘n wenner!!! Baie geluk met die groot prestasie.

  • Rousseau
    April 6th, 201111:36 am

    Lekke MG! Well done, neef! Flippen trots op jou. Min manne wat kan sê hulle het dit gedoen, en nog normaal geloop na die tyd.

  • Kim
    April 6th, 20112:28 pm

    Dis so oulik!

  • Annette
    April 7th, 201110:23 am

    MG jy is ‘n “legend”. Ek raak sommer moeg as ek net aan al die km’s dink, maar die glimlag op jou gesig wys jy het regtig jou droom uitgeleef. Sien al klaar uit daarna om weer volgende jaar jou vordering daagliks te volg. Dankie Theresa vir al die ondersteuning aan MG!

  • Maré Rootman
    April 7th, 201110:29 am

    Jou woorde oor jou Boeta het my ‘n traantjie laat pik, so pragtig Zellie!

  • Mariko
    April 7th, 20112:31 pm

    My boetie het ook die Epic gedoen so paar jaar terug -wens ek het sulke nice kiekies vir hom geneem! Jou fotos is fantasties!

  • servaas
    April 7th, 20114:23 pm

    Netjies MG! Dankie dat jy die Lötters se blink kant bo gehou het. Hoop nie dat dit nou te veel rowe op het nie (sic)! Wees maar trots op jouself en dankie Zellietjie dat jy ons op hoogte gehou het! Groete

  • Giddy
    April 8th, 201110:37 am

    Well done MG! Lizelle soos altyd GREAT foto’s! You have the gift of capturing the moment on a foto!

  • Alana
    April 11th, 201111:24 am

    Wow MG, ek’s ongelooooflik trots op jou!! So baie geluk! Jy’t darem maar ‘n mooi stel tande op daai laaste foto!

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  • Henfre Brand
    December 27th, 201310:06 pm

    I met Gerhard 26 years ago while doing National Service at Klipdrift outside Potch. He had a free pass for cycle practice and we usually gave him money to buy us stuff in potch, cause we could not leave base. Have you maybe got contact details of him.

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