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This was a totally unplanned shoot! I was visiting my brother and his family in Lutzville for Markus’s 2nd birthday. What a privilege! Together with friends, we drove to Fryer’s Cove in Doring Bay to do a wine tasting. I could not not take photos! (The wine tasting was not Markus’s party by the way-hehee) Frayer’s Cove is one fascinating location and the mist that covered the ocean made it magical.

Naomie was 8 months pregnant here and I still can’t get over it how BEAUTIFUL she is!!! As such an amazing wife, mother, friend and pregnant lady. Little Markus stole my heart and as I said before, I am definitely going to be a grandma with a photo album in my handbag. I have to stop myself from showing the whole world every single image I take of him, and it’s not even my child! My brother….I cannot help but to love him to bits. (Even if he wears crocs.) He is gentle, caring, friendly, energetic and has the biggest, softest heart.

You are on amazing family, whom I look up to. Your love for God, each other and your children shines through. I cannot wait to meet little Niena and continue to tell her that I’m her favourite auntie!

We are waiting patiently on Niena’s arrival, that can literally be any day now.




 Annelle, our sister, looking after Markus while we take a few more images:

 See their first/swimwear pregnancy shoot HERE

Location: Fryer’s CoveDoring Bay

let me know what you think

  • Du Wayne Denton
    June 11th, 20135:20 am

    Beautiful & Brilliant!

  • Annemari Ruthven
    June 11th, 20138:48 am

    Die eerste 2 swart en wit fotos is so WOW, Lizelle. Maar almal is stunning!

  • Jeannette
    June 11th, 20138:53 am

    I think the pictures are Lovely’ thanks 4 sharing…

  • Elke
    June 11th, 20139:57 am


  • Aurette Burger
    June 11th, 201310:25 am

    Beautiful Lizelle, soos altyd!! Love hoe jy moments capture en jou foto’s net ‘n storie vertel..

  • Liezel
    June 11th, 201310:45 am

    ek is sommer opgewonde vir jou wat weer tannie word!! beautiful fotos van ‘n beautiful gesin! :-)

  • lindi
    June 11th, 20131:14 pm

    regtige mooi foto’s. jou foto’s lyk al hoe beter

  • Natascha Olivier
    June 11th, 20132:30 pm

    Dis pragtig Lizelle! Love die een in swart en wit waar Markus op sy pa se skouers rus.
    Ek love daardie swembroek maternity shoot ook vreeslik baie!

  • Naomie Lotter
    June 12th, 20135:38 am

    Wow skoonsus, soos altyd is jy maar net briljant. Ons is mal oor die fototjies (jy bederf ons vreeslik) Baie dankie ook vir die pragtige inleiding. Ja en nou is Niena hier! Jipppppy! Lief j

  • Marine
    June 14th, 20131:13 pm

    soooo prastag!

  • jou grootste fan!
    June 14th, 20136:44 pm

    lizelle, jou ‘hart-in-woorde’ as inleiding is n kosbaarheid op sig self…en ek stem met elke woord saam! Blessed!
    Die foto’s…wel, sal weer en weer moet kyk want as ma en ouma is dit n tranetrekker…
    Baie dankie vir die onbeplande blessing!!!

  • Lizelle, Congratulations on another absolutely fantastic maternity session and for the pending arrival of your niece! Love your beautiful photography from a far…
    Cheers, Rob

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