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September 9th, 2012 | Shoots,Travel,Weddings | Subcribe to RSS

I loooooooove destination weddings! (So be warned, there are lots of photos!)

Noah and Michaela (Micky) had me excited ever since the first email I received from them. They told me about the Namibian farm wedding (where Micky grew up) and that they would get married under a huge tree…in the middle of “nowhere.” Sounded like my kind of wedding! They forgot to tell me about Micky’s yellow flowers, her blood-red lips, her pink nails and grass green shoes…and the fact that Maré and myself would have breakfast on the stoep with a beautiful view and all kinds of cheeses, cold meats and creamed honey (like only the Namibia people can!)…that we could watch the porcupines feed…that we would be treated like friends…that they love Jesus so much that they are thining…that the evening of their wedding it’s going to be “supermoon“…that the couple is crazy in love…and crazy…that they treasure their friends and family in a special way…that they laugh from their tummies…that they have endless energy and ideas…that some of Noah’s USA friends came all the way to Namibia for just the weekend to share in the special day…

I was so glad that Maré, a friend and photographer could go with me. She helped me soooo much! Our time after the ceremony was a bit on the tight side, so she photographed the bridal party while I was shooting Micky and Noah’s couple photos. Maré also took a lot of the decor shots, while I was shooting the service and got some killer images on the dance floor later the evening. So…this wedding really is a combined effort between myself and the super talented Maré Rootman. Thanks Rei!


And then thank you thank you thank you Micky and Noah… It’s only with fond memories I think of your wedding. ENJOY your images!!!!



Day before the wedding:











The top room was ours! Treated like princesses im telling you!




































Tough men, these Namibian boys… (:







Loooooved watching these porcupines. We had 2 as pets on our farm growing up! Their names was Ot and Tot.

Did you know that it’s a myth that they shoot their guils? They are released if you get in contact with them. So don’t run into them!




Wedding day:







































The bridesmaids dresses were AWESOME!!! venta de cialis













































































Singing bridal party:












































Love this one!







The ladies sang a beautiful song to Noah and Micky:





































































Noah’s parents, all the way from Wisconsin:






























































The towel they used after washing each other’s feet left their hands green!











































Bokdrolletjies! (:



















Fresh way of cutting and eating the cake!

























Look who came to join the sweet party!































































Maré and myself had so much fun:



Supermoon! And a super new married couple:



(Service providers list to follow sooon.)


let me know what you think

  • Yvette Gilbert
    July 11th, 201212:49 am

    Oh my word!! The joy is infectious! What a beautiful wedding Lizelle, love it!

  • Tanya Smit
    July 11th, 20127:58 am

    Oh wow! Hierdie is so so mooi!

  • Natalie van Niekerk
    July 11th, 20128:14 am

    Wat ‘n oorspronlike troue, die liefde en geluk is in elke foto. Die oomblike wat jy kan vas vang is ongelooflik!

  • Annemari Ruthven
    July 11th, 20128:41 am

    Wow, prentjie mooi en soveel fun!

  • Jeanette
    July 11th, 20129:06 am

    Ek is MAL hieroor! Wow Lizelle-jy het jouself oortref!! WHAT A STUNNING CELEBRATION!!

  • linda
    July 11th, 20129:15 am

    So ongelooflik mooi!!! I love the colours and the easiness of the couple!! Wow!! Love it Lizelle!

  • aneL
    July 11th, 20129:27 am

    WOOOOOOWWW!!!! Dis sooooo mooi LIzelle!! Elke image vertel ‘n storie – well done!! Jy is nou maar eens vrekkin amazingly goed!!!

  • louise
    July 11th, 20129:31 am

    sjoe. ek wou ook by daai troue gewees het! vreugde en liefde in oorvloed. Weereens ongelooflik vasgevang lizelle!

  • Kim
    July 11th, 20129:32 am

    Wow! So, so beautiful. And what a fun bunch. It definitely looks like you had a great time!

  • Monique Visser
    July 11th, 20129:51 am

    Was so spyt toe dit klaar was! We.Want.More. !!

  • lizelle
    July 11th, 20129:56 am

    Monique, ek het sooo gesukkel om te kies wat om te blog! Alles was al klaar geedit, ek moes net blog, maar dit het my soos 6 ure gevat!!!! Was so n feestelike dag.

  • Alice Swan
    July 11th, 201210:19 am

    Sjoewee, wat n oulike troue!
    Pragtige spontane foto’s Lizelle.

  • Kim du Toit
    July 11th, 201210:35 am

    Another beautiful tear jerker – jys amazing!! LOVE how cute this couple is and all their sweet quirky details that match their personalities perfectly!!! STUNNING venue – inlove with this whole wedding and how you captured it!!

  • Mariska
    July 11th, 201210:57 am

    Lizelle its almost been 2 years since I have visited your site.Sitting here with my cup of coffee … What a treat this morning!I have drifted into a far away land.

    A great follower of your work!

  • Liezel
    July 11th, 201211:13 am

    SENSATIONAL!!!!! dit is lanklaas wat fotos my laat huil en lag het! WOW!!!!!!!

  • izandi
    July 11th, 201211:57 am

    WOW!!! lanklaas so mooi & Creative wedding gesien!! alles is STUNNING!!! 10 uit 10 lizelli!!!!

  • Charlene Schreuder
    July 11th, 20121:03 pm

    Lizelle, jou doring!! Jy mag maar! LOVE elke image en die hAppiness is aansteeklik, ek glimlag breed soos ek hier sit xoxoxo

  • Yolande Snyders
    July 11th, 20122:00 pm

    Lizelle, mens voel sommer deel van die feestelikheid! Jou foto’s loop oor van emosie. Geluk aan Micky & Noah, beautiful wedding.

  • Renate Strzelecki
    July 11th, 20122:50 pm

    Fantastiese fotos pragtige bruid ons Mickey

  • Kobus Tollig
    July 11th, 20123:12 pm

    Oh my. Jy het wow werk gedoen hier. Well done. Dis regtig prentjie mooi.

  • Maré Rootman
    July 12th, 20121:19 pm

    Zellie, my hart bons sommer weer van vreugde oor die mooi daggie, love die foto waar Noah en Micky vir ouma soen! Micky and Noah, thanks for giving us such special memories of Namibia!

  • Michelle
    July 12th, 20123:55 pm


  • What a festival. They had the perfect photographer to capture their joyful day.

  • Euzane
    July 13th, 201211:02 am

    Dit was ongelooflik mooi gewees* Foto’s is regtig GORG! Lovit!*

  • Martin
    July 13th, 201211:25 am

    You have a wonderful ability to capture the pure emotion of the moment. Lovely images!

  • Lee-Ann Vigus
    July 13th, 20129:31 pm

    Wow what a wedding! great job Lizelle!! :)

  • minki
    July 15th, 20127:24 pm

    WOW! wat ‘n pragtige ontploffing van kleure. ek LOVE dit!

  • Ulla Ludewig, 15th July 2012 at 09.10
    July 15th, 201210:11 pm

    I have no words to describe these beautifull wedding photos. They are just out of this world. Everyone are precious, something to enjoy for a lifetime. Thank you for including me by sending me these photos, ja en ek stem saam met Natalie van Niekerk, hierdie fotos is regtig iets besonders, so natuurlik, dis asof n mens weer daar is. Baie dankie!

  • steve willis
    July 15th, 201211:01 pm

    Great post. Wonderful documentary style.

  • Valorie Hansen
    July 16th, 20123:40 pm

    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful couple. Congratulations!

  • nastassja harvey
    July 16th, 20124:51 pm

    sjoeweeeeeeeeeeee what a wedding!!! ongelooflike fotografie zella, hulle kon nie ‘n vir ‘n beter fotograaf gevra het nie! :D

  • Angela Riemer
    July 16th, 20128:14 pm

    What an amazing Job!

    July 16th, 20129:30 pm

    Voel of mens die hele troue mee kon maak!
    Julle mag maar!!
    Rindi Scheepers

  • Charissa von Seydlitz
    July 17th, 20129:10 am

    AWSOME!!!! Baie baie baie mooi fotos, en dit mooiste van alles dit vertel die stories soos dit vas: Dankie Lizelle!! Jy is n amazing Fotograaf!!

  • Krista Swanson
    July 18th, 201212:37 am

    Feels like I was there. You did an amazing job!

  • Brenda Wardall
    September 12th, 20125:53 pm

    Just beautiful – love it!

  • Terina
    September 15th, 201210:32 pm

    Dis soooo mooi! Regtig stunning!!

  • Brigitte Klose
    September 24th, 20124:55 pm

    Hallo Mickey,

    Sorry das ich jetzt erst nach Euer Hochzeitsfoto schaue, aber da muss muss einer Hochzeit der superlative gewesen sein. Bin froh das Simone dabei sein konnte.

    Wie geht es Euch und wo seid Ihr jetzt? Kann es mir ja auf dem Atlas an schauen.

    LG Brigitte Klose

  • sue
    October 3rd, 201211:16 am

    you have the most extraordinary eye!! an incredible set of wedding pics!!! as well as a BEAUTIFULLY composed wedding!

  • Mariné
    October 5th, 20123:27 am

    soooooo much joy! Love it

  • Lauren Kriedemann
    October 5th, 20128:13 pm

    wow Lizelle this wedding rocked. I love the way you shot it it felt like it was so you and so them at the same time and so much fun. love it well done

  • Elandre
    October 10th, 20124:38 pm

    WOW dis so pragtig – julle het super spesiale oomblike vasgevang!! Lyk of dit ‘n lekker lawwe makietie was :)

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  • shireenadams79
    May 6th, 201511:15 am

    I have never seen anything like these photos before. WOWzer!

  • Annelize gericke
    May 6th, 201511:41 am

    Ek loooove hierdie familie! Hul is die ruimhartigste mense! N kuiertjie op shönfeld is sielskos – daai stoep en uittuur oor die watergat mmmm. EN jy slaap in n kasteel! BONUS;-) ester, Jou sus het soooo mooi gelyk!

  • Theronda
    May 6th, 201511:42 am

    Mooiste mooi Lizelle!