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Last year, while in the USA, I had the privilege of visiting NY for a few days. Since it’s impossible to do everything, I asked for some “to do” advice on Facebook and a few mutual friends reminded me that Jean-Pierre moved to NY. In the end a get together worked out and we went to B&H, ate amazing bagels, got to walk and explore the streets of NY and of course…took a few images! Jean-Pierre has an aMaZing eye for detail, light and composition and even though he was the model it was so much fun to see “through his eyes” and mix that with the way I see. With no flash or tripod, we got very creative in our way of handling slow shutters etc. (:

Thank you Jean-Pierre for showing me around and for always keeping SA’s name high! You truly are one of the best en hoef verseker nie vir enige van die NY fotograwe terug te staan nie!























This is also Jean-Pierre – after we found a time machine:



















let me know what you think

  • Louis
    March 12th, 20159:15 am

    WOW!! dis amazing!! Ek kan regtig sien dat julle baie fun gehad het!!

  • jou heel grootste fan
    March 23rd, 20154:37 pm

    oh wow, nou weet ek nie meer wat my no 1 post is nie…
    OOoooo, die foto’s is fun en kleurvol en interessant en vol humor en pragtig-heerlik!!!
    Hoe jy dit geneem gekry het sonder driepoot, wil gedoen wees…
    LOV die shoot!!!

  • Terina
    March 24th, 20152:33 pm

    Hierdie is net SO SO SOOOOO awesome! :) :)