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December 31st, 2014 | Other,Personal,Shoots,Travel | Subcribe to RSS

WARNING 1: You will probably want to go to The Old School House (Calitzdorp) after seeing this post…

WARNING 2: The image quality is not great. These are all iPhone “mik-en-druk” images I took for personal use only.

Enjoy and PLEASE let me know if you ever visit this magical place! I would love to hear about your experience. xxx



 What would a road trip be without stopping at Dassiesfontein on the N2 close to Caledon?


 …or rondom stops with home made frikkadelle and boiled eggs?



 The Old School House:








































































Old School House – Calitzdorp  (All images taken with iPone, for personal use only)


let me know what you think

  • Colin and Bronwyn
    December 31st, 20149:46 am

    Absolutely incredible! These are the furthest thing from ‘just’ “mik-en-druk” images. Your photographic eye is incredible, Lizelle. Especially since the subject of your images is so familiar to us. We have been photographed it ourselves many times and were under the impression that we had pretty much ‘got it’, captured the beauty and different angles and scenes of The Old School House. Your images have completely blown that impression out of the water. They are so different, absolutely original and arrestingly beautiful. We don’t know quite how you did it, but we are delighted that you did. Thank you for sharing them with us, Lizelle.

  • Elmarie
    January 7th, 201510:10 pm

    Love dit zel.

  • louise
    January 13th, 20158:10 am

    Lizelle – soos gewoonlik – ASEMROWEND mooi – dit is soos water vir my siel!

  • jou heel grootste fan
    January 20th, 20155:47 pm

    …dis die mooiste, aanloklikste ‘broshure’ wat ek nog ooit gesien het…natuurlik wil almal nou soontoe gaan!
    Ek is seker as die eienaars hiervan weet, laat hulle jou terugkom vir ‘n gratis naweek!
    Ek gaande oor jou oog vir detail, vir die klein goetjies…
    DankieDankie! :)

  • Terina
    January 30th, 201511:28 am

    Hierdie is amazing!! Dis regtig net SO mooi!!!