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February 23rd, 2012 | Shoots,Weddings | Subcribe to RSS

It was so much fun documenting this day! Oliver and Erika are super relaxed and it looks like they are best friends. They know each other from a very young age… Their story in a nutshell according to Erika:

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ockquote>”We were in the same junior school but did not get on at all and I still have a scar on my arm from where Oliver stabbed me with a pencil! We only re-met five years ago, when he was aiming to study psychology, and on seeing me for the first time in fifteen years he offered me free pscychology sessions to compensate for that childhood trauma.”

Thanks Oliver and Erika for being so awesome! I hope you LOVE your images and get to relive the day!!!




















Merlene Joy (makeup) and Dirk (assistant)

























































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Venue: Rockhaven

Makeup and Hair: Merlene Joy

Assistant: Dirk Kleinschmidt: 0741400880


let me know what you think

  • Stephné
    February 23rd, 20128:42 pm

    Oh Erika! Just yesterday I was thinking of you and when your big day was going to happen. And here you are! WOW! You were a beautiful bride. Congratulations! Many happiness for you two. :) Oh, and your photos are so special and beautiful!

  • Ilze
    February 24th, 20128:19 am

    Erika, jy is een van die mooiste bruide wat ek in ‘n lang tyd gesien het. Lizelle, well done soos gewoonlik. Dit is die mooiste, mooiste foto’s ooit!! Ek is mal oor daardie kat onder die rok foto!

  • Charlene smit
    February 24th, 20129:17 am

    Absolutely love these pics!! Well done!! X

  • Nicola Bester
    February 24th, 201210:07 am

    Lizelle die fotos is ongelooflik soos altyd, maar daai foto van die kat!!! Hoe awesome is dit?!!!!

  • minki
    February 24th, 201211:07 am

    super cool en FUNKY! oulike couple ook!!

  • Marié
    February 24th, 201211:27 am

    Wow! Elke keer as ek na jou fotos kyk, staan ek in verwondering! Jy het regtig ‘n Godgegewe talent! Stunning!

  • Diane
    February 24th, 201212:54 pm

    I remember that kitty from two years ago when I was at a wedding there… Stunning pics as always :)

  • Nastassja Harvey
    February 24th, 20122:20 pm

    sooooooooooooooooo mal mal mal mal mal oor jou werk zella!!!!

  • Tracy Munnik
    February 24th, 20123:02 pm

    dit is maklik die mooiste pix wat ek in n langtyd gesien het … ek luv dit …

  • Emily Lewin
    February 24th, 20124:24 pm

    Wonderful work Lizelle! You have such a way with light, it’s beautiful!

  • Erika
    February 24th, 20125:04 pm

    Oh Lizelle, wow, wow, WOW!! Tears and smiles all the way through;) You are a star x

  • Tamara
    February 25th, 20129:39 am

    Wow these are gorgeous! Such happy pics :)

  • belinda, chad, matthew
    February 28th, 20129:20 pm

    B: wow so lucky to have such a beautiful cousin!! what a good night:)
    C: jeez you’ve just out classed old kate and will with a royal wedding!! good time…

  • Laggie
    March 1st, 201211:36 am

    My fav moet wees waar die meisie die infamous “peace” sign wys by DIrk. Lyk my hy het shots gevat daar….hahahha

    Awesome fotos lizellie. x

  • Katie
    March 10th, 20128:27 pm

    Mooiste suster, mooiste bruid in die wereld.

  • Camilla
    March 15th, 20129:43 pm

    These are absolutely amazing!cuz,you looked so beautiful and these pics capture your love xx

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