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March 18th, 2011 | Shoots,Weddings | Subcribe to RSS

“Text pending” since i’m off to a wedding, but…

Thanks so much Peter and Zandré!!!! Enjoy your pics and thanks for being so much fun!

let me know what you think

  • Charne Fourie
    March 18th, 201112:17 pm

    WOW WOW WOW – You leave me speechless – EVERYTIME!!

  • Tania
    March 18th, 201112:30 pm

    Baie mooi! Elegant

  • Anine
    March 18th, 20111:03 pm

    Baie baie mooi!!
    Daai armband is sooooo pragtig!!

  • Lesley Z
    March 18th, 20111:54 pm


  • Bernard
    March 18th, 20112:10 pm

    Nice! Daai venue is heerlik, ne? Ek was in Desember ook daar.

  • Adri
    March 18th, 20114:24 pm


  • Monica Dart
    March 18th, 201110:53 pm


  • Robyn
    March 19th, 20118:19 am

    My Zan….the most unbelievable and gorgeous photos!! You were such a beautiful and breathtaking bride! So glad i could share it all with you!. Well done to Lizelle and team….stunning pics!

  • Heathyr Huss
    March 19th, 20119:14 am

    Stunning – I love her shoes!

  • anelda
    March 20th, 20119:50 pm

    Baie mooi fotos!!!

  • Marg
    March 21st, 201112:31 am

    What a lovely relaxed bride & groom… create magic Lizelle…

  • Hannetjie
    March 21st, 201112:34 pm

    Julle is so ‘n spesiale couple!! Julle liefde straal so uit die foto’s uit! Dankie dat ons dit met julle kon deel!!! Lief jul!!

  • Justus
    March 22nd, 201110:51 am

    Is my meisiekind daai…en nou my seun. Mooi Lizelle….jy kan maar…

  • Reyno
    March 22nd, 201112:52 pm

    Ons is soo bly ons kan nou uiteindelik julle wonderlike dag op ‘n manier deel.
    Julle foto’s is fantasties

  • Maré Rootman
    March 22nd, 20113:32 pm

    Ek looove daai vierde shot van die manne, stunning Zellie!

  • daleen vorster
    March 23rd, 20119:00 am

    die laaste foto is net stunning! alles baie baie mooi!

  • Liezel
    March 23rd, 20114:47 pm


  • Kim
    March 24th, 201110:57 am

    Beautifully photographed Lizelle! What a spontaneous couple. And I love the “Tasting Room” photo (wink-wink)!

  • Daniel en Sally Bruwer
    March 25th, 20117:03 pm

    Pragtig !!