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August 19th, 2010 | Other | Subcribe to RSS

I decided that I need a snapshot camera. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Canon 5D and lenses, but it is just not practical to ALWAYS have it with you for personal photos. You know, snap shots and video clips; things thats worth grow as the years go by.

Not too long ago I printed a whole lot of small photos for my room. Ever so often i catch myself smiling at one of them, wondering around in that days memory. Whenever someone enter my room, it is the first they notice. They look through all of them, ask questions and point to the ones they like. There could have been soooo much more photos. And then i read the Facebook status update of a friend that said, “Happy birthday dad. Love your people while you can.” Her dad passed away a couple of years ago. Shocker! If we did not have family photos taken last year, I would not have had any decent photos of me and my dad for instance. These things are important and sometimes we just need a wakeup call. The photos on my wall are not all good exposed, perfectly positioned or even pretty. But they are worth SO much to me.

I want to challenge you. Go take some pictures of the ones you love. It does not matter if it is with a fancy schmancy or your cell phone. Print them, hold them, cherish them, and make sure those people know how special they are to you.

And if you want, please mail me one of your fav photos with a few lines why it is so special is to you. (It does not have to be a good quality photo.) Just a moment, a love, a memory, a laugh. If i get a few, i might just put together a quick post of them, so that others can also share in the awesomeness.

My new camera that I want to try and take everywhere I go. I bought it from Orms.

(Thanks Fritz for all your excellent advice, knowledge and patience!!!)


A part of my photo wall.
nuwe-canon-1My first snapshot photo of a friend in her PJ’s, just because I can: Schantel (my flying partner and photography friend)

let me know what you think

  • Nicola
    August 19th, 20106:28 pm

    Verskriklik mooi. Oulike idee!

  • Lisa
    August 19th, 20106:31 pm

    Wow, your photo wall is awesome!! Congrats on the new little baby :)

  • Fritz van Zyl
    August 19th, 201010:29 pm

    wow. dankie Lizelle vir die ekstra advertensie :)

    jy moet die nuwe kleintjie geniet!!!
    PS. ek sien die kamera is sommer klaar op manual gestel in die foto :D

  • Adene
    August 20th, 20108:38 am

    So vreeslik waar! Ek het ook my tunablikkie wat ek soms saam met my dra, en wat memories vasvang. Baie mooi post!

  • Heleen
    August 20th, 20108:58 am

    ek stem so saam! awesome post…loving it!!!

  • Karen
    August 20th, 20102:03 pm

    Mal oor you “photo wall”, Lizzie!

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