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November 9th, 2011 | Family,Other,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

Rudi and Karen are close friends of my brother and Im sure many of you have met them, since they are the owners of the absolutely awesome KolKol accommodation and Restaurant in the mountains of Botriver. (Really, do yourself a favour and have a look at what they offer.)

They are the most welcoming couple and it’s always a joy being around them. So…needless to say, i had such a good time photographing them and their “soon to be here” son, Ruan.

If you maybe wonder about “ertjie” in the title. Before anyone knew that Karen was pregnant, my brother was organising his 30th birthday. Karen replied, saying that Rudi and herself….and Ertjiepit (little pea-pod) will be there. What she didn’t realise, was that she “replied to all.”  Since they have many mutual friends, the secret was out!

Enjoy Rudi and Karen and thank again for such a fun afternoon!

















 The beautiful view from KolKol restaurant:














 …and if you are curious to know who Rudi’s talented sister is, click HERE


let me know what you think

  • Karen, Rudi en Ertjie
    November 9th, 201110:35 pm

    Lizzie! Jy is awesome! So baie dankie vir die stunning, beautiful en spesiaalste fotos (vir ons natuurlik) ooit! Ons waardeer jou en jou werk altyd en verewig!

  • no 1 fan
    November 9th, 201110:46 pm

    goeie griet.



  • kim
    November 10th, 20116:02 am

    so beautiful!

  • Mariné
    November 10th, 20116:34 am

    Sullke pragtige spontane fotos! Love al die angles van jou fotos…

  • Tania Calldo
    November 10th, 20117:02 am

    sjoeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mooi!

  • Belinda Malan
    November 10th, 20117:40 am

    Wow – stunning pics girl

  • Tjaart
    November 10th, 20118:03 am

    Mooi julle!

  • Dielda
    November 10th, 20119:35 am

    Ek is MAL oor die ene met die spoedhobbel padteken!!!!! So gepas!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Jacques
    November 10th, 201110:06 am

    Pragtige foto’s van oulike mense.
    Lizelle, jy kan maar !!!!

  • Crystal
    November 10th, 201111:17 am

    YEAH!! Dis so mooi. Pragtig.

  • Liezel
    November 10th, 20111:22 pm

    Sulke spontane fotos. die manier hoe jy emosie vasvang is beautiful :)

  • lynelle louw
    November 10th, 20112:47 pm

    Wow, wow, wooooow!
    Karen, julle drie lyk te prrragtig. Lizelle jy’s briljant!

  • Suraya
    November 10th, 20114:54 pm

    Wow they look great Lizelle, I’m so excited, can’t wait to see ours! :)

  • Tiffany
    November 10th, 20114:58 pm

    Gorgeous Lizelle! See your new baby the 17-40mm is getting some awesome action ;)

  • Maré Rootman
    November 10th, 20115:33 pm

    ek wil ook so ‘n hondjie hé. baie pragtige zellie

  • Mariette Fourie
    November 11th, 20119:57 am

    Pragtig Karen en Rudi! En Kol-kol is fab (vra my, ons wat op honeymoon daar…)

  • Giddy
    November 11th, 20113:19 pm

    Love it! Julle is ‘n baie oulike couple saam! Kan nie wag om klein Ruan te ontmoet nie!

  • Ronelle
    November 15th, 20118:43 am

    dis absoluut asemrowend mooi, sprankelend, nuut, lekker, hierdie fotos van Karen en Rudi met klein Ertjie!

  • Kim
    November 15th, 201110:43 am

    Beautiful! I just love that “Kol” photo, where you see them two through the sign. So sweet!

  • Vanessa de Villiers
    November 15th, 20116:33 pm

    Sjoe Zellie, dit is soooo soooo S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!! Jou foto’s het ‘n quirky-ness op dit wat net eie aan Lizelle is, jy het ‘n manier om life as it is – so mooi vas te vang, in skoon mooi natuurlike moments!!

  • Lowena Drotsche
    November 16th, 20114:14 pm

    Ongelooflik, kan dit nie beskryf nie!!!

  • sarah wood
    November 21st, 20117:38 pm

    I love the bump “road bump” sign…
    Baie mooi!!

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