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August 15th, 2011 | Shoots,Weddings | Subcribe to RSS

Ek weet regtig amper nie waar om te begin met hierdie post nie. Dis was my eerste troue na ‘n heerlik lang vakansie en trip na vietnam. Ook is dit die eerste troue na my paps oorlede is. Dit was dus nogal in baie opsigte “‘n eerste.”

Die troue was die Saterdag. Die Donderdag het dit gesneeu, die Vrydag het dit gesous van die reen en die Saterdag…’n perfek skoongewasde dag. Die mooiste dag vir hierdie oggend troue in Stellenbosch.

Iets aand Michelle en Ryan se verhouding was vir my spesiaal, van die eerste meeting af. Michelle was so opgewonde om vir my te vertel oor hulle reelings, maar ook oor hulle huwelik wat een van die dae sou begin. Dit was niks anders op die troudag self nie. Hulle was net so bly dat hulle kon trou en om hulle beloftes aan mekaar te maak. Ek moes skoon ‘n knop in my keel wegsluk.

Oor die dag self. Ek het nog altyd gedink ‘n oggend troue sal my eerste keuse wees. Een waar mens laaaaank kan saam kuier. Ook het ek gedink dat ‘n ou braaivleisie en -broodjie darem net goed kan afgaan op so ‘n troudag. Michelle en Ryan het net mooi (o.a) dit in styl gedoen!

Maar, vir eers, hier is die kiekies. Ek kon nie vra vir ‘n beter manier om die seisoen mee af te skop nie !!!

Nelle cakes verbaas my elke keer!!!

Ek is mal oor sakke in ‘n trourok!

Coffee Right se koffies was heerlik!

‘n Pragtige eerste dans. Dit was asof die 2 heeltemal alleen daar was!

Braai-broodjies, braaivleis en vele meer!!

Ryan en sy pa deel ‘n spesiale oomblik:

Michelle se suster se hare is vir my sooooo mooi! Ek het later uitgevind dat sy ‘n blog het oor “hair tips” ens!

Hier die A-Z Band het so ‘n goeie werk gedoen met die muskiek:

Venue: 401 Rozendal, Stellenbosch

Guesthouse: Beauclair, Stellenbosch

Dress Maker: Tarryn Bezuidenhout

Suit Shop: House of Monatic

Shoes: Woolies

Invitations & Save the Date: Secret Diary

Flowers: Prickly Pear

Make-Up which is better the levitra are the cialis: Roxanne Bruiners

Hair: Candice-Leigh Arnott

String Trio: Simply Strings

Wedding Car: Motor Classic Car Hire

Bridesmaids Dress: MiLi Jo

Grooms Suits: Remingtons Suit Hire

Band: A to Z Band

Staff & Bar Services: Shake & Serve

Coffee Bar: Coffee Right

Bedouin Tent: Cozi Hiring

Furniture Hiring: Styled Events Rental, In and Out Events, Deecor

Dessert Table: Nelle Cakes :)

Advice from the bride, Michelle:

Wow! I don’t know where to start. Planning our wedding has literally been one of the most exciting, stressful, creative and mind-blowing experiences of my life! If I had to some it all up into some advice for other brides, I will say: STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF! I think at the end of the day, it is YOUR wedding. Nobody else. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there are certain things you HAVE to do or MUSTN’T do! We had a boerewors-roll stand at our wedding! And a coffee bar! Do what makes you happy, and that reflects your personalities. When people walk away, they must remember that it was YOUR wedding, not just A wedding! The other bit of advice, is try and do some of it yourself. YES, I had nights when I wanted to cry, cutting out little tags to go onto candy-take-out bags, but it is also so rewarding to know you have given so much of yourself for your special day! Look for inspiration everywhere! And if you really want something – do everything you can to find it! I imported green striped vintage paper straws from the UK, because I couldn’t find it here! Also, try and enjoy just BEING ENGAGED! It’s crazy busy with planning, and budgets, meetings and buying a house and all, but do something for YOU as well! I did  monthly facials leading up to the wedding, and I blogged our entire engagement experience ( so now I can look back and go WOW, we did ALL OF THAT? Those memories would’ve been lost between spreadsheets and phone calls! So enjoy the planning process…

but on the day – FORGET ALL ABOUT IT!

let me know what you think

  • Mdt
    August 15th, 201111:14 am

    Super super oulik!

  • Laura
    August 15th, 201111:16 am

    Really awesome photos! :)
    Great job as usual! x

  • Michelle
    August 15th, 201111:20 am


  • Liezel
    August 15th, 201111:22 am

    Lizelle, die manier hoe jy emosie vasvang is net out of this world!! beautiful troue! sou nooit gedink het dat braai broodjies en wors rolletjies so elegant kon wees nie :)

  • Janine
    August 15th, 201111:23 am

    Gorgeous Lizelle!

  • Kim
    August 15th, 201111:23 am

    Wow, dit is so mooi Lizelle! Beautiful paartjie en love wat hulle met hulle trou dag gedoen het!

  • Maré Rootman
    August 15th, 201111:27 am

    Pragtig Zellie, sjoe, die kossies het heerlik gelyk!

  • Nicola Bester
    August 15th, 201111:27 am

    Wow Lizelle jou idees en kreatiwiteit verbaas my altyd! Dit lyk nooit of jy ‘n couple shoot doen nie maar eerder hulle dwarsdeur die dag op spesiale plekke afneem. So jammer om te hoor van jou pa!

  • Cindy
    August 15th, 201111:35 am

    Nee man, ek sit ALWEER met trane in my oe. So so so mooi. Ek dink dis een van my favourite troues ooit. Dis BEAUTIFUL, maar dit voel vir my of dit sonder ‘pretence’ is… Dis mooi, en klaar.

  • Danielle
    August 15th, 201111:42 am

    I love these pics ive never met the beautiful bride nut the groom is a friend and although i have not seen him in a while you really captured the essence kakarot lol you guys look so extremely and i wish you Gods Richest Blessings

  • claire nicola
    August 15th, 201111:44 am

    as spectacular and fresh as always! Welcome to your summer of 2011/2012 wedding season! xxx

  • Estie Thirion
    August 15th, 201111:49 am

    Pragtig en ‘crisp’!

  • Judith Doubell
    August 15th, 201111:59 am

    Wow! Lizelle this is absolutely stunning! I love how you’ve captured their special day. So honest and so full of love. I just love it when I see two people absolutely infatuated and in love with each other. How wonderful that there is a true soulmate for everybody! These pictures are a testimony of that phenomenon!

  • no1 fan
    August 15th, 201112:01 pm

    Zelle! Good, good job! Dis so Mooi. Hot. en Vars! Nes jy! hehehehe…

  • Michelle (Bride)
    August 15th, 201112:13 pm

    Lizelle… Ek het nie woorde nie! You have captured our day so perfectly, I am crying AGAIN (and you know, I cried ALOT at the wedding!) You only get to marry your best friend ONCE, and you have gotten that day down EXACTLY the way I remember it. Thank you for blessing us with this! I know that God will continue to bless you, and grow your business. This talent that you have is heaven sent. Thank you for not only being super talented, but such a down-right amazing person! lots of love!

  • Lisa
    August 15th, 201112:20 pm

    This looks like the coolest wedding. I love all the attention to detail and particularly love the food ideas….what fun! You capture everything so beautifully Lizelle!

  • Ruth
    August 15th, 201112:30 pm

    Lovely! Only South African’s can do such cool decor!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!! I am sure they are so happy with the outcome….

  • Ethne
    August 15th, 201112:52 pm

    Ryan and Michelle, these pics are beautiful – it captured every moment of your wedding! Congrats, you guys looked amazing!!!

  • Kathryn
    August 15th, 20111:10 pm

    Incredible!! Dankie :)

  • Geoffrey leonard
    August 15th, 20111:59 pm

    Absolutely breath taking.

  • Marcia
    August 15th, 20112:09 pm

    Gorgeous images Lizelle!! Love every one of them. Michelle, you are gorgeous!! xx

  • Fahima
    August 15th, 20112:33 pm

    Wow, the most beautiful wedding pics I have ever seen… makes me want to have another ceremony, just for the pics! :) And what an amazing wedding!

  • Diane La Grange
    August 15th, 20112:55 pm

    Fantastiese foto’s. Ek het lanklaas sulke mooi troufoto’s gesien.

  • Liesl Leonard
    August 15th, 20113:28 pm

    Firstly, let me start by saying… My sister’s wedding was the BEST ever!

    Secondly, Lizelle, you really are an exceptional photographer… Both you and your assistant put everyone at ease with your warm, friendly nature.

    Thirdly, you are totally hired for my wedding (just gotta find the man first).

    P.S. Thanks for posting a link to my blog, that was really sweet and unexpected.

  • Charné
    August 15th, 20114:27 pm

    Such a gorgeous shoot & an even more gorgeous couple. Looked like an awesome wedding. Congrats Michelle & Ryan ;-)

  • Alice Swan
    August 15th, 20115:30 pm

    Pragtig vasgevang Lizelle.

  • Elandre
    August 15th, 20115:49 pm

    LOVE IT!! :)

  • Roxanne Bruiners
    August 15th, 20117:09 pm

    My oh my… Just GOOOOOOOrgeous! Stunning couple, stunning day, awesome wedding!

  • dioline beukes
    August 15th, 20118:14 pm

    Stunning stunning stunning.Kan nie anders om jou te komplimenteer nie.Mnr En Mev Lategan kan trots wees.Good job

  • Gustaaf
    August 18th, 201111:09 am

    Awesome photo’s Lizelle. Michelle & Ryan look so happy….nice one!

  • nastassja harvey
    August 21st, 20115:20 pm

    super oulike troue en pragtige fotos zella! :)

  • Evadne
    August 23rd, 20112:36 pm

    I LOVED the pictures and the couple looks so happy! And Michelle’s message at the end gave me a lump in my throat. Congrats Michelle and Ryan!

  • Eugene
    October 6th, 20118:26 am

    wow Lizelle! absolutely gorgeous images. i love the story line and how you used everything just perfectly…so appealing to the eye!