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September 2nd, 2011 | News,Other | Subcribe to RSS

Elonah and Greg” and “Sonja and Wynand’s” weddings is to be seen in the newest Sarie Bruid! (available at CNA, Spar, Checkers)

I LOVED both of their weddings. Enjoy!!!!!

View Elonah and Gregory’s blog post HERE.


View Sonja and Wynand’s wedding blog post HERE.

  The beautiful cover is of Maike and Travis’s wedding, taken by Otto Schulze




let me know what you think

  • Kim du Toit
    September 2nd, 201112:19 pm

    WELL DONE Zelle!! So exciting!! Sal definitief n Sarie Bruid gaan koop! X

  • Lindinig
    September 2nd, 20117:12 pm

    baie geluk my liefste nigster! so trots op jou xx

  • Johanna
    September 2nd, 20119:54 pm

    Fantasties!!!!! Foto met sluier is een van my gunsteling troufoto’s ooit :)

  • Michelle
    September 3rd, 201110:23 pm

    Congratulations. Must be so exciting to be published in a magazine. Totally deserve it of course.