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October 6th, 2011 | Other,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

As a photographer is was SUCH a good experience when one of my friends took photos of me. If you are behind the camera all the time, you will not know what your clients feel like!

Bernard (a friend and amazing photographer-go check out his work HERE) asked me to take some photos of him, that he can use for his profiles. We had a fun, relaxing time! Or maybe I should say, I had a fun, relaxing time! Not sure if it always is all that relaxing on the other side of the lens… He joined me on our farm where we started the shoot and then we ended off the shoot in Caledon.

Thank you Bernard! It was awesome to shoot a fellow shooter!!!

I loved his shoes!

let me know what you think

  • Vivid Blue Wedding Photography
    October 6th, 20115:02 pm

    Bernard jy lyk soos n bekende model. Baie mooi fotos Lizelle.

  • nastassja harvey
    October 6th, 20115:04 pm

    sjoewee awesome shots zella!

  • Nikki van den Heever
    October 6th, 20115:10 pm

    Wow, Lizelle! Awesome foto’s!

  • Michelle Lategan
    October 6th, 20115:22 pm

    Absolutely awesome! Looking good Bernard! Pretty cool, our wedding photographer taking pics of our engagement shoot photographer :)

  • AmyC
    October 6th, 20116:30 pm

    These are such FUNKY photos! How awesome are they for profile pics!? Love it!

  • Francois
    October 7th, 20111:51 pm

    Love the shots around the bridge, especially image 8!

  • Jani B
    October 11th, 20114:51 pm

    GQ hier kom ons!

  • Shelley
    October 19th, 20112:40 pm


  • Johann Swart
    October 21st, 201111:36 am

    What a model ne? Daar’s ‘n paar epic shots…

  • Stella
    October 26th, 20117:48 pm

    Stunning Lizelle!!

  • Nadine Aucamp
    November 5th, 201111:08 am

    Mal Hot shoot!!! Haha you go girl*

  • Monica Dart
    November 7th, 20112:01 pm

    Bernard! looking hot like a stud muffin!