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Back in 2009, when I photographed my South African friend’s American friends’ wedding in Denver USA, I never would have thought that our paths would cross again in such a significant way. Fast forward 9 years and today I got to document them meeting their 2 adoptive children, 30mins from where I live. WHAT an amazing privilege! I witnessed so many moments today – it is actually hard to put into words!
Thank you Ben and Marybeth that I could share in seeing, experiencing and photographing the tangible love today. You are now a family of 7! (Two of their sons are back at home, waiting to meet their new siblings.)

Enjoy the memories guys! I loooooove how our worlds collided…


let me know what you think

  • Jana
    July 18th, 20188:08 pm

    Huil ek sommer nou snot en trane! Pragtig, Lizelle x

  • Tertia Venter
    July 19th, 201812:45 pm

    Pragtig & aangrypend! Liefde xx

  • Juliyah
    July 22nd, 20184:21 pm


    Dis stunning!!… Trane loop… Ek dink aan hulle narratives as hulle groot is… hoe hartjies gered is vir liefde. Ek dink aan die fliek “Lion”, Michael Ketterer se storie, Samuel Rich se fliek Lost Kites en harte van kinderlose mammas. En Vader God wat ons gee als wat ons nodig het… ons kan net trust!

  • melanie gericke
    August 28th, 20182:43 pm

    nou so groot knop in my keel…. dit is amazing hoe mens kan sien hoe die kindertjie se oë versag en begin vertrou. Dankie Pappa God vir bande wat gaan bly vorm en versterk!