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January 23rd, 2012 | News,Other,Personal,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed as I’m sitting here. Its by birthday i am being overflowed by love, care, grace, encouragement, presents, phone calls, facebook messages, prayers, thoughts and… and… and… There literally is just one thing that can top all of this  and that is the fact that God came (AGAIN) and told me that He loves me. And nothing can change that fact. Not even that i often run away from that very love, because my heart just cannot grasp that the King could love ME that much. So yes, I’m overwhelmed, but thankful and ready for what God has in store for me this year.

Thanks to every single one who is adding so much to my day!

And just because i know my earthly dad would have phoned me too today, here is a jewel of a photo i found of him:


let me know what you think

  • *D
    January 23rd, 201211:11 am

    Soooo super special :) MWHA!

  • Heather Steyn
    January 23rd, 201211:13 am

    Happy bday weerens! Die Here is so awesome! Daardie foto praat met ‘n mens. Liefde en drukkies!

  • Trudy
    January 23rd, 201211:15 am

    Stunning foto :) bly jy het ‘n awesome b’day :)

  • Claudia De Nobrega
    January 23rd, 201211:35 am

    Ag you are just too special!!! Happy Birthday Lizelle! God has surely poured down His Grace on you girl! Thank you for your continual inspiration and love that you always share so beautifully on your blog! Love to you on your birthday and may God continue to use you to inspire others! :) Much love & hugs, Clauds xxx

  • Monica Dart
    January 23rd, 201211:53 am

    Zelletjie! you are one of THE most precious friends I have. This is a very ‘Tarantino’ shot of your Dad – so cool! love you tons and I hope your birthday DAY just gets better and better. Happy

  • Sonya Olivier
    January 23rd, 201212:14 pm

    So special, Lizelle… Coolste van cool shots – ek is ook erg sentimenteel oor die pics van my pa wat ek nog het.. Ek weet Vader druk jou styf vas vandag! Baie seën…

  • Lisa
    January 23rd, 20121:09 pm

    Happy birthday special lady x

  • ilse
    January 23rd, 20121:15 pm

    …dink so bai ajou vdag, want jo b’day is ook ‘n eerste…
    ‘n lang, amekaar HUG!

  • Cornelia
    January 23rd, 20121:32 pm

    hApPy bIrThDaY Lizelle!
    Dit is sooooo ‘n stunning foto van jou pa!

    Wens jou ‘n asemberowende great dag!!!

  • Annelle
    January 23rd, 20123:10 pm

    “As die Liewe Vader wou gehad het jy moes rook, sou hy ‘n skoorsteen op jou kop gebou het…” Dis die woorde wat ek duidelik hoor toe ek weer die foto sien. Luff u Zellie

  • lizelle
    January 23rd, 20123:28 pm

    heheee! Hoe funny ja Nellies! DInk my ma het dit nog vir hom eendag gese!!!!

  • Christine Meintjes
    January 23rd, 20124:26 pm

    Groot happy bday!!!!! xxx

  • nikki meyer
    January 23rd, 20126:06 pm

    Zel, jy is SO spesiaal!! Jou lewe is waarlik ‘n testimony van God se liefde. En wat ‘n stunning foto is dit nie..

  • Marlize Botha
    January 23rd, 20127:51 pm

    Baie cool foto van jou dad :) Lekker verjaar Zellie! xxx

  • Schantel
    January 23rd, 20128:10 pm

    Baie geluk Lizelle!!! ;)

  • nastassja harvey
    January 24th, 20126:01 pm


  • Ross v Niekerk
    January 24th, 20129:16 pm

    Classic foto! En baie geluk met jou verjaarsdag gister; ons is regtig baie lief vir jou!

  • Emily Lewin
    February 6th, 201211:04 pm

    That IS a gem of a photo! Lovely! You are wonderful and I hope your birthday was as marvelous and delightful as you are. I’m so glad that the Lord is continuing to speak his love to you, He is so good like that. Love you!