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Today i cannot help but smile.
Last night myself and my housemates went to the Artscape theatre. What a great privilege to live with 2 friends that challenge and teach you, while having fun in the most beautiful house and surroundings? Dankie Mia en Ili!!!

This morning i woke up and already had messages from people that i love.

I started the day, spending time with God and playing piano – and Chessy the farm cat that adopted us as her friend, came and sat beside me on the piano bench.
2 squirrels came closer to listen and later on sat in the tree closest to our “piano-window.”
(I am not a master on the piano at all and can pretty much just play one song which is Ameli’s theme song. –>Mail me if you want the sheet-music!)

When i stepped into the office, Taryn, (who helps me sooo much with editing and so much more)  filled my part of the table with colourful balloons.

Later on this afternoon friends are coming over for “koek and rooikoeldrank” and this weekend the celebrations continue.

Im excited for the years to come. Im excited to see what God has in store and the adventures I will have with Him.
And as my brother Tjaart says, only a quarter of my live has passed. (:
The best is yet to come.

3o phone snap pics for my holiday:

let me know what you think

  • Monica dart
    January 23rd, 20131:16 pm

    Happy happy 30th to one of the most precious friends I have…it only gets better. Say yes to new opportunities and experiences, and the years ahead will be rich and full. Love you Zelle, xxx Moni

  • Selma
    January 23rd, 20131:39 pm

    Happy big 30 Lizelle! The best is yet to come – I PROMISE!!!!
    A quote from Charlotte Mew ” I shall grow up, but never grow old”

  • Darren
    January 23rd, 20132:17 pm

    Haaaaappppy Birthday – All the very best for the year ahead! Its going to be a good one. workshop. cough. what ;)

  • Madle
    January 23rd, 20132:19 pm


  • stephanie
    January 23rd, 20132:36 pm

    Happy bday Lizelle. Mag jou verjaarsdag naweek netso vol liefde en seen soos jou bday wees en elke dag vorentoe vol beauty en joy wees. Baie geluk met jou verjaarsdag.

  • Michelle Rademan
    January 23rd, 20132:43 pm

    Mooiste en beste wense vir jou 30ste jaar op die aarde Lizelle……!! Jy is ‘n awesome mens, inspirerende fotograaf en vriendin!! Liefde xMich

  • Maré Rootman
    January 23rd, 20134:59 pm

    Lekker Zellie, super opgewonde oor die volgende 30 jaar, jy’s ‘n super hartsmens, geniet jou verjaardagsdaggie!