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February 11th, 2013 | News,Other,Personal,Shoots | Subcribe to RSS


Magriet is a dr at a local hospital in the premature ward and asked if i would be interested in taking some images for them. I did not have to think twice -I LOVE documenting! I wish I could go in every day for a month or two to see these specific little babies grow and develop . It truly was an eye opener to see with what love and dedication these doctors and mothers help these tiny humans to grow gram for gram.

One of the methods they use to help these babies grow, “kangaroo care”: This is soooooo interesting – read more about it HERE. Some of these mothers has to stay with their babies in hospital for months, so they can grow up to 1.8kg, when they are finally big enough to go home. They are truly little fighters and this experience makes me want to see/experience / document more. And them of coarse share what i’ve seen. (:

Thanks to Magriet for getting written permission from all the parents of these babies to photograph them.

















































 Kangaroo Care:





















let me know what you think

  • Cindy
    February 11th, 201312:40 pm

    Ai Lizelle. Ek sit sommer alweer met trane in my oë. Gaan julle vir die ouers fotos print? Ek is bereid om by te dra vir kostes.

  • lizelle
    February 11th, 201312:48 pm

    jy het ‘n hart van goud cindy!
    Ek gaan met magriet praat om te hoor wie van hulle nog daar is dat mens vir hulle die prints kan gee.

  • Ross van Niekerk
    February 11th, 20133:23 pm

    Lizelle, dis sulke mooi fotos!
    Ek is so mal oor hierdie tipe dokumentasie.

  • Catherine Mac
    February 11th, 20135:01 pm

    Little warriors!!

  • Netanya
    February 11th, 201310:00 pm


  • Micky
    February 12th, 20132:53 am

    Lizelle, hierdie fotos is pragtig. Elk een vertel ‘n storie. – Hulle praat van LEWE! En ja, so Catherine se; hierdie kleintjies is regtig warriors! Dapper Mamis en dapper babatjies.

  • Hlengi
    February 12th, 20132:50 pm

    Lizelle this is absolutely stunning! Amazed at the fighting spirit of Primi’s and how simply letting your baby feel your heart beat can strengthen them! Beautiful!

  • Liezel
    February 13th, 201312:19 pm

    die trane loop!! beautiful fotos!

  • Steph
    February 14th, 20131:06 am

    Sjoe. Baie spesiaal.

  • Tanya Jacobs
    February 14th, 201310:20 am

    So special and captured so beautifully.

  • Caryn Maree
    February 14th, 201312:17 pm

    Beste post! Wow. Goosebumps!

  • Anina De Witt
    February 14th, 20132:14 pm

    Sjoe !! Trane in my oë !! Baie mooi vas gevang ! WOW !!

  • Du Wayne Denton
    February 16th, 201312:48 pm

    hey Lizelle. Regtig ‘n pragtige storie en emosies wat jy vasgevang het.

  • Lo-Mari
    March 1st, 20131:14 pm

    So spesiaal! Bring so baie herinneringe terug met my eie premmie!

  • nastassja harvey
    March 20th, 20139:23 pm

    sjoe…. amazing amazing amazing!