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I freaked out the first time i saw these frames in Vanessa’s workshop. I wanted to fill a whole wall in my room with a collection of these. But how much i like them, just cannot be described in my limited vocabulary. So i asked Vanessa if she would mind if i photograph and blog them. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do!!!!!

 Image from Alex and Talita‘s shoot:


Images from Rudi and Karen‘s shoot:


 Images from Alex and Talita‘s shoot:



 Images from Alex and Talita‘s shoot:



Image on right from Jules, Simon and Jude shoot:

 Images from Rudi and Karen shoot








From: Stefan Marlene and Lua shoot viagra without prescription

Literally stole these 2 shots of Vanessa and her 2 kids in between photographing the frames. They are soooo cute! Click HERE to see them 2 years ago!


Please contact Vanessa on her email address:

She will also be seen at the Stellenbosch Christmas market 24 Nov -03 Dec 2011.

Thanks to Villa-cho-co-latt Gusthouse in Porterville allowing us to shoot in their rooms and premises!

Images in frames from  Vanessa de Villiers photography, different magazines and Lizelle Lotter Photography. Thanks to my models:

Alex and Talita

Rudi and Karen

Jules, Simon and Jude

Loubser family


Stefan Marlene and Lua

And the most important, thanks to Vanessa for allowing me to shoot her frames. Enjoy!!!


let me know what you think

  • Lisa
    November 22nd, 20118:26 pm

    These are gorgeous! Will definitely be getting some :)

  • nastassja harvey
    November 22nd, 201110:43 pm

    oooooooooooh!!! verlief op hierdie frames!!

  • Talita
    November 23rd, 20117:59 am

    Ai Vanessa

    Jou ramme is pragtig!!!

    Wow!!! Ek wil van dit he vir ons nessie!!

    En jou dogtertjie is beautiful!!! ek bly nou kan ek n gesiggie by n naampie sit!!!

  • Lizemari
    November 23rd, 20118:08 am

    Wow dis stunning!! kannie wag om n paar te kry nie x

  • Annari
    November 23rd, 20118:13 am


  • Dee
    November 23rd, 20118:57 am

    Ongelooflik mooi! MAL OOR DIT! gaan sommer nou nou vir Vanessa mail!

  • liza
    November 23rd, 20119:01 am


  • Juné Joubert
    November 23rd, 20119:25 am

    Nee, seriously – ek is mal oor hierdie raamwerk!!! mooi fotos zel… maar nou wil ek frames hê!!!!

  • Catherine Mac
    November 23rd, 20119:38 am

    TOO gorgeous!! Love these! And how creatively shot Lizelle! x x

  • Michelle
    November 23rd, 20119:49 am

    WOW – sopas ‘n idee vir my eie huis gekry!! So nice!

  • Monica Dart
    November 23rd, 20119:57 am

    wow Lizelle – lovely images….and Vanessa! sjoe, these are amazing frames, going to tweet about them now!!!xxx

  • Kim du Toit
    November 23rd, 201110:03 am

    Gorgeous frames, love how you photographed them!!

  • Marlene
    November 23rd, 201110:39 am

    STUNNING rame!!! Ek wil alles he!!! Lizelle – stunning pics (as usual)! Wat n lekker verassing om ons 3 se gesiggies te sien in die mooi rame! x

  • Liezel
    November 23rd, 201111:58 am

    daai rame is so vrolik en sommer net pragtig! great fotos :-)

  • Dee
    November 23rd, 20117:25 pm

    Jammer, hier’s ek alweer! Kannie help om myself te verkyk nie! En nout ek verlief geraak op daai grys damask muur? is dit muurpapier daai!? Ek’s mal oor die raam op daai kleur silver grys! ooooh la laaa!!!

  • anke
    December 1st, 20112:26 pm

    dis die pragtigste rame vriendin! love dit! ek dink dis tyd om te kom kuier, ek soek pienkes!!!!!

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