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February 24th, 2012 | News,Other,Personal,Uncategorized | Subcribe to RSS

I came across these image again today. I looked at it and couldn’t believe I chose to blog it in black and white! I remem

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ber clearly how the black and white images “spoke” more to me in that time, also the reason why i blogged them in that way. (View the previous post HERE.) Now, a few months later, i want to blog them again, but this time in colour…

















let me know what you think

  • terina
    February 24th, 20121:19 pm

    WOW dis stunning!

  • Tabitha
    February 24th, 20121:34 pm

    LOVE the colours!

  • ils
    February 25th, 20129:17 pm

    Shu, Zellie, ‘colourful is powerful as well!!!’
    Ek LUV dit! En wa’s die ander? ☺ ♥

  • Jan Strydom
    February 26th, 20121:51 am

    ..Wee van die Here is wonderbaarlik.. Psa 89:9 o HERE, God van die leërskare, wie is soos U? Grootmagtig is U, o HERE, en u trou is rondom U!

  • Du Wayne Denton
    February 29th, 20126:22 pm

    Beautiful! Colours! You’ve captured the small things in life and made them BIG. We are fearfully & wonderfully made.